The Tale of Two Boys

My  littles are so very different – one a social butterfly that’s always looking for the next fun thing and the other very reserved and completely happy spending day in and day out at home in his jammies.

When we gave John tickets to WWE Live for his birthday, we asked brother if he wanted to go along and make it a family event.  He immediately declined.  (I can’t say I was upset about that because his disinterest meant I was saved from having to go.)  On the night of the big event, Honey and John headed off to Phillips Arena and had a wonderful night.  I stayed up and waited on them to get home.  They both came in looking so genuinely happy and raved about their fabulous evening.  They dazzled me with stories of John Cena, AJ Stiles, the cage match and so much more that I didn’t even follow.  And, while I’m not at all a fan of wrestling, I am a fan of a daddy-son night out and gathering ALL of the experiences that come your way in life.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I gave the baby his choice of how to spend our evening.  I mean, I threw out all the good things – a movie, bowling, hibachi, fro-yo with all the toppings, trampoline park, you name it.  He thoughtfully replied “I’d probably like to order pizza and watch the Muppets movies I got for Christmas.”  I thought about that a minute and knew how to really make his night special.  I offered up pizza in bed while we watch the movie.  He’s never done anything like it and couldn’t believe it was an option.  I ran his tray up and got him settled, then ran back downstairs to get mine.  When I came up, he said “Mommy, this night is epic.”  Be still my heart.  This is SO him – a quiet night at home relaxing in bed.

We all had a wonderful and memorable night and Honey and I both remarked how much we enjoyed the one on one time with the littles doing things that they each love.  <3

It’s a rainy, nasty day  here in Atlanta.  We were up and at em early for the baby’s basketball game but will just hunker down until we head back to the courts tonight for John’s game.  I’ll wager money on the fact that I’ll have one little social person that’s bored to tears today and one little homebody that’s as pleased as punch with this plan.



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9 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Boys

  1. Little known fact about me… I went to Wrestlemania as a kid – and I loved it! 🙈 I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much now.

    You said something here that I loved and I’m taking to heart… gathering ALL of the experiences that come your way in life. Love, love. ❤

    I love that you love your boys the way THEY need to be loved. What a privilege as a mama! xo

  2. This is such a sweet post – and so timely for me. Tonight my social butterfly (who just got back from a day at his friend’s house) is going to the movies with Daddy. My other son and I are trying to decide if we are going out or staying in. The odds are, we will stay in and watch a movie together at home. In my case, though, the social one is the younger and the homebody is the older. It’s amazing how different two brothers can be! I love your dinner in bed idea! So “epic!”

  3. I think what I am most shocked about is that Whit didn’t want to go to WWE!

    This really brings back so many memories of when my son loved going to wrestling events back in the heyday of Ric Flair, Andre the Giant, Ricky Steamboat and all the others. Even now on occasion, he still will do his Ric Flair impersonation which is always comical. I am with you though, I went once with him and his Dad and once was enough. Ha!

  4. My son received WWE tickets for Christmas. Daddy took him, and my daughter’s “matching” gift was that she and I would go to Painting With a Twist. We all loved our one on one time and have decided to make it our new thing, switching up which kid we take out each month. It’s so fun to really get to know our littles one on one.

  5. So cute! I have the same senecio at my house…my first born son is Mr. Social and my younger daughter is a total homebody and is happy as a clam staying home with the fam. I’m always encouraging her to have more play dates and outings with her friends and she is content with the amount she currently does. It always amazes me how they are raised in the same home with the same parents but have totally different personalities. I truly believe you are born with your personality…. both good just different.

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