Mount Snow {Snowmobiling + The Summit}

Yesterday was a gorgeous day to resume my ski career after falling on my knee and taking a 48 hour apres ski binge. :-)

With the littles in ski school, Honey and I ventured off on a two hour snowmobile tour through the national forest!  It was a LOT off fun and the scenery was amazing.


After lunch I strapped the instruments of death back on and did a trial run on a lift that goes about half way up the mountain.

When everything tested out okay, we hit the Bluebird Express to the summit of Mount Snow.   EEEKKKKK!

The view was incredible.  I’d never seen anything like it :-)

This little lady has also mastered making it to the bottom on two feet from the TOP!  Incredible!!

And y’all!!!!!!!!!  I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think my heart raced the entire time but I made it down on two feet and it was an exhilarating experience.  Many, many thanks to my coach Honey for talking me through a few hairy spots along the way.

I camped out on the patio for the next hour or so until it was time to pick up these two from ski school.  On the fourth day ever of skiing they made it to the double black diamonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Proud mama over here :-)

The official word is that skiing is now their favorite vacation ever!  Annnnd, it’s another one off the 40×41 bucket list for me!!!!  I have to say that skiing far surpassed any of my expectations.  It’s kind of a lot of fun!


Dixie Travels to Mount Snow Vermont

Mount Snow Vermont


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3 thoughts on “Mount Snow {Snowmobiling + The Summit}

  1. It’s been fun following your ski adventures. I’ve never skied before and I’ve only been in snow a couple of times. It looks like fun. I do have a question which probably sounds silly but this Florida girl would like to know what kind of drink an aspre ski is. I’ve never heard of it.

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