Mount Snow {Visiting Wilmington Vermont}

Wilmington, Vermont is a darling and picturesque village just a hop, skip and a jump away from Mount Snow.  We made a couple of trips over during our week long stay.  The town was chartered in 1751 and nearly every building is on the historic register.  Stacey and I spent an afternoon exploring and shopping.

On one of our days we took a break from skiing, we took the kids to North Star Pizza for bowling, games and lunch.  North Star isn’t your regular kind of bowling, rather it is the candlepin bowling born in New England in the late 1800s!!  It is a lot more challenging and a lot of fun and you know how we love to do “local” things while traveling.

When the rest of the W family came down to join us we scored two boys exactly John and Whit’s ages AND to girls of babysitting age.  Wahooo!!!  The adults left the eight kids at home to head into Wilmington for the evening.

It was precious during the day but everything about the snow covered, twinkling light lit Wilmington screamed quintessential New England.  We started our night with cocktails and then moved right on to dinner at Cask & Kiln.

This gorgeous building appeared to have been a pharmacy back in the day.  Inside was so beautiful.  Stacey and I were both intrigued with the town’s history but, I tell you what, it was impossible to find anything in town OR in the internet that gives the background of Wilmington.

As mentioned, we started our evening with cocktail upstairs at Cask & Kiln.  Everyone was very happy!

Mr. T and I share a birthday, but I’m a year ahead.  Soooooo, the highlight of the night was the 5 of us taking off our outer layer to reveal these amazing custom shirts commissioned by his wife.  We laughed until we cried.

After drinks we headed back downstairs to the dining room.  Our meals were all quite good.  This goat cheese and beet salad was ahhh-mazing!

We staged a cruise style photo on the stairs as we left, at the direction of our server.  HA!

All in all it was a lovely night and so nice to be able to have a date night on vacation.  Happy birthday Mr. T!!!!


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