Mount Snow {Seeing Snow}

We headed out of Atlanta bright and early this morning with some of our dearest friends!!!

And as we started our descent in Albany, the littles were glued to the window…

… SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

We fueled up and stocked up at the grocery store and then headed North.

I cannot even express how excited the littles were – climbing the snow mound things in the parking lot of the grocery store.

We all cheered when we crossed the state line into Vermont!!

And we may or may not have listened to Christmas music in the car.  I mean, you have to remember that three of the four of us have never even seen snow outside of Atlanta!!!

We arrived at the little community in which we will spend the next week.  It’s in Dover Vermont and is darling!

Our friends family owns the place and while they went in to pick up the keys, our littles couldn’t stand not hopping out of the car for a few more minutes of snow play.

And finally, we arrived at the darling place we’d call home for the next week!

The view from the kitchen at our “home” is just gorgeous.  I have to take a picture of the deck – you can’t even open the door because the snow is piled up!!


Other than taking a break to get fitted for ski rentals, the afternoon was spent like this…

My little Southern gents were in complete awe.  I’m not really keen on the cold, but their excitement was contagious!

The boys and I head to lessons tomorrow and Honey will hit the slopes straight away.  When most people in college took the summers off, he took the winters off and moved to Vail!!  He worked on ski lifts all winter to pay for his skiing and beer :-)  He’s been waiting on this vacation for 15 years!!!!!!!!!!!


Dixie Travels to Mount Snow Vermont

Mount Snow Vermont


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13 thoughts on “Mount Snow {Seeing Snow}

  1. I can’t believe you were this close! I live in Troy NY just outside of Albany, and you have to drive through here to get to Vermont. I’m not a skier but we do make very frequent trips to Vermont. On the way back down I recommend you stop at the Man of Kent Tavern. It’s few miles outside of Bennington in NY. Lots of interesting beers and terrific food. Have a great week!

    1. Honey pointed it out on the drive and said he’d heard about it!! If it works with our flights out we will definitely stop!

  2. I live 20 minutes away from Mt. Snow (in Newfane, VT). You must have brought the warm Southern temperatures with you…it ‘s 52 degrees out right now! Absolutely crazy weather for mid-February, especially when it was in the single digits (as in: COLD) last week! Enjoy your trip!

  3. You guys are going to have a great time @ Mt. Snow! We went years ago and loved it. They will really get a kick out of your Southern Accent up there too. Ha! Glad you are taking lessons and Honey will have a great time but he will definitely see a difference between the slopes of Vermont and Colorado.

    BTW….if you guys get want something fun to do one evening go on a horse drawn sleigh ride. Super fun for the kids and romantic for the adults. There were several farms in the Mt. Snow area that offered them.

  4. So glad you were in our neck of the woods Amanda! Isn’t it amazing how we have so much snow up here while you Can wear flip flops! So glad you enjoyed your ski trip!!! If you are ever this way again I’ll host a soirée for all your Yankee followers! They’ll come from all over because you are dearly loved!

  5. Adding to the warm welcomes to New England, so glad we have been having storm after storm that left behind some good skiing conditions. (My family and friends across the region in southern New Hampshire have several feet – not unheard of in February, but some years we do not always get the frequent snows.) Vermont is just such a gem of a destination, I hope you get to visit some quaint country stores and enjoy a meal in one of the historic inns. And, get some outlet bargains! Glad, too, that the boys and your husband are enjoying it all -so much winter fun to be had.

  6. I am having the best time following along on your adventure – here and on Instagram. As I have mentioned, we have skied in Vermont for many years and just love it up there. Mt. Snow looks beautiful and I can see that those boys of yours are going to have the time of their lives! Enjoy every moment!

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