Around Atlanta {Girls Day Out with The Pink Clutch}

Bestie P and I have a little tradition of celebrating birthdays.  We surprise each other with a day of eats, giggles, stories and adventures.  This year she gave me only this tidbit in advance…

Don’t wash your hair and don’t feel like you have to wear your cutest outfit ever.  I mean, don’t wear tennis shoes.  But you know, you might sweat some.

Can I just say how much I LOVE her?!  We ate and shopped so much that I might have broken a sweat for real.  Especially when the escalator was broken at Phipps and we had to haul it up on foot.  I mean, those are much tougher to climb than actual real life stairs.

But I digress… on the outfit front I KNEW it was going to be a good day when she picked me up wearing identical pink pants.  If this isn’t an “on Wednesdays we wear pink” photo, I don’t know what ever was.

We bee-lined to Bon Glaze which was ahhh-mazing.  This is a darling little walk up counter with nothing but a window, a whole menu of incredibly doughnuts and some super scrumptious bacon.  We only squealed like 47 times.

I tried the cotton candy doughnut (because, BIRTHDAY!), P got the blueberry sour cream, we split lavendar bon bons (doughnut holes!) AND topped it off with candy cayenne bacon.

We took a few pics to memorialize the event…

… and then scurried off to her car with our little (er… large) white bag.

I mean, if there was ever a meal of shame, this might be it.  Sitting in your car in a strip mall shoveling doughnuts and bacon in like it’s going out of style.  It was kind of a laugh till you cry realization.  PS. If you go, do NOT pass on the bacon!!!!

Our next stop was a hop skip and a jump away at the far end of the same parking lot – DreamDry!!  Paige treated us to amazing washes, blow outs and styles.  It was SO much fun and they ladies working there were delightful.  I really cannot think of a bigger treat than this because it’s something I never do for myself!!

We walked out feeling so fantastic!!

We walked off maybe one ounce of our breakfast at Phipps Plaza!!!  This is for SURE our fave shopping venue and we hit all the high points…  First, the mothership – Lilly Pulitzer.

I tried these two dresses and LOVED them both.  Okay, so I not only tried the but I left with them too.  I did have a return.  And birthday money :-)

I brought Tink out for the day’s festivities.  She was a hit everywhere we went!

After Lilly we hit Jack Rogers, Kate Spade and Belk.  P was new to their Crown & Ivy line, which is ADORABLE!

Our next stop was Taqueria del Sol on the Westside for lunch.  This is my number 1, all time favorite Atlanta eat.  Ever.  You cannot go without the guac!! It turned into a lovely sunshiney day and we ate al fresco, which was a lovely treat for March.

After lunch we hit a few Westside shops, including the darling Roberta Roller Rabbit.  I’ve loved her fun (and inexpensive) jewelry for a long time, but was totally ga-ga over her bedding on this visit!

She had me home just in time to retrieve the littles from the bus and then really outdid herself with a darling gift of silver straws and a pink apron.  <3

Thank you SO incredibly much, Paige, for a wonderful, fun-filled day.  You love your people BIG and it is such a treat to spend time with you!!

I have shared all of links to each of these fab places as this is a girls day out I would recommend to anyone – Atlantans and visitors alike!!

AND, last but not least, I’m wising bestie R at Uptown Acorn a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!!


Bon Glaze  |  DreamDry  |  Phipps Plaza
Taqueria del Sol  | Roberta Roller Rabbit

Tinkerbell Purse  (affiliate)


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12 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Girls Day Out with The Pink Clutch}

  1. Happy birthday!! It looks like it was a very wonderful, very special day. Aren’t besties the best?! I’m sure you’ve seen these but I thought of you when I was at Pandora recently. The Disney princess beads are just darling!! If you haven’t seen them, you must go check them out.

  2. Happy Birthday! My children’s birthdays are both this month – great month to be born :)

    Also, may I say you look lovely, and your tradition of going out with your friend for a girlfriend day for birthdays is awesome! I may have to keep that in mind for when my kids are older ;)

    Finally, the stores you visited seem amazing! I wish I were down there to check them out. And cotton candy donut?! I have to see whether any of our donut emporiums near here offer such a thing…once Easter comes and Lent is over, I would love to try one!

  3. Happiest of Birthdays to you Amanda!! What a wonderful, fun-filled day for you! And planned by family and friends to honor you on your day. Couldn’t ask for more, I’d say!!

  4. What a fun day!! Now I can wait until my birthday. Shopping all day would be great! I love crown and ivy. I discovered it on vacation last year. We don’t have belk stores in Ohio but that’s what Hilton Head vacations are for :) And shopping for Spartina purses of course!

  5. So fun!! I started following Paige awhile back and I adore her as much as I adore you! Y’all look like such fun girls and I secretly pretend we’re all besties. :-)

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