Forty Something

I think this is officially the year that I become a decade-“something”.  I’ve loved birthdays from the beginning of time and this one felt amazing.  I’m happy and content and confident and quite possibly on the brink of some major change (more to come) and it all just feels RIGHT.  (As evidence of the aforementioned “confidence”, here’s a solo pic of ME.  HA!  I’ve had it hidden on my computer because it seems so odd to not only pose for but then share something like this. <3)

Now, on to my day.  At some point along the ways birthdays changed from being all about the gifts to all about the food.  These boys got up bright and early and took me to Waffle House as the sun was coming up.

My dear friend P cleared her schedule and tooled around town with me  It’s my fave tradition with her.  All the deets on our day to come real soon, if you haven’t been following our adventures on Instastories already!

I played games with the boys and sat outside until the sun started setting.  We pretended like there wasn’t a such thing as homework and tests for just one day.


I cleaned my oven for the first time in… um… 8 years.  I’m always up for a new adventure.  :-)

And Honey treated me out to a real date night to cap off the evening.  We always celebrate birthdays with the littles so this was unexpected and wonderful.  He figured we got off the hook with that by celebrating as a family over breakfast :-)

I’m just a smidge away from finishing up my 40×41 bucket list.  I’m now calling it the 40x41ish bucket list.  I can give myself a little grace on the timeline.

So, as I sit here wrapping up my night, I feel grateful and loved and so incredibly happy.  Thank you to ALL who called, texted, messaged, wrote and commented.  Every single one brought a smile to my face.



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10 thoughts on “Forty Something

  1. It’s such a wonderful “place” in life when it all feels right, isn’t it?! I know just what you mean.

    (Of course, I can’t wait to read more about the possible major change!)

    I’ve loved being in my forties so far; I’ll be 43 in August. I wish the same for you! Happy Birthday!

  2. Loved following you and P’s adventures yesterday. Sounds like a fabulous way to spend your birthday (well, minus cleaning the oven LOL) Praying this year brings you many more blessings. Excited to hear about the changes coming.

  3. Happy Birthday a day late, your birthday celebrations looked like so much fun!! Loved P’s fun idea of the Dry Bar !!
    Gorgeous picture of you, can’t wait to hear about Changes!

  4. I have to laugh because birthdays do change over the years from what gifts will I get to where will I eat!!!!!! I totally agree. I’ll have to remember the breakfast idea instead of dinner with the kids. Good one. I don’t think I would feel guilty that way.

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