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I am so very excited for Tangled: The Series to premiere on Disney Channel TONIGHT Friday night, March 24 at 7:30PM.  Tangled is in the top 3 of my (boy) family’s all time favorite movies and we’ve been looking forward to this for over a month!  One of the highlights of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration for me was getting to hear from the show’s executive producer Chris Sonnenburg.  He was humble and charming and endearing and seeing his family cheering him on from the front row of our session really touched me.  Here’s what I learned…

Tangled: The Series tells the story of what happened “between the kisses”.  Set between Tangled and the short Tangled: Ever After, the series takes us on the adventure of Rapunzel truly growing up, finding herself, and balancing all of the responsibilities of being a daughter, princess, girlfriend and more.

When Chris first set out to work on Tangled: The Series, Glen Keane who created the Tangled Rapunzel gave him a drawing of Rapunzel inscribed with the French saying “plus est en vous” meaning “there’s more inside of you”.  He asked that Chris stay true to the characters as he passed the torch, and Chris did not take that lightly.

In keeping his promise, Chris brought back the original voice cast (Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore), returned to Rapunzel’s long blonde locks, and has the wildly creative Rapunzel continue to tell her story through art (like the murals she painted in her tower.)

What spoke to me most of all was hearing Chris tell how his own two teenage daughters so heavily influenced the series.  He told us how deeply he related to the words passed to him by Glen, plus est en vous, and how often he has told his own daughters the same thing… that there is more inside of them than they even think is possible.  He even named the Queen, Rapunzel’s mother, Arianna after his oldest daughter because of how much her story is intertwined with the rest of Rapunzel’s.  You see, just as Chris started working on the series, Arianna turned fourteen and asked to go on a trip to Mexico with a group to build houses. Chris and his wife struggled with whether or not to let their young daughter go on a trip like this, whether she was ready and whether they were ready.  In the end, they let her go and when she came back she shared with her parents a little journal that she had made, completely covered in drawings depicting her amazing journey.  He showed us that journal and told us that in that moment he knew this was exactly how Rapunzel chronicle her own adventures.  He has Queen Arianna give Rapunzel her very own journal and inscribed with the French phrase behind it all.


Disney is all about story telling, and I knew that, but listening to Chris talk about Tangled helped me realize that Disney’s stories are also the stories of the cast members behind them.  They are the stories of Disney writers, artists, animators, producers and more.

I cannot wait to see this series unfold and look forward to many nights snuggled around the sofa watching Tangled: The Series. I treasure these days where my boys have nothing more to do on a Friday night than put their jammies on early, sit with giant bowls of popcorn on their lap, and willingly join me in watching what some might call a “princess” show.


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9 thoughts on “Tangled: The Series

  1. Wow, how neat to hear all about this series! I will be sure to watch it with my 11 year old sweet girl. And for the record, I loved Frozen, but I really truly loved Tangled. Everything about that movie spoke to me, from the animation to the characters. Excited to see more of Flynn and Rapunzel.

  2. My girls have been SO excited about this, and I love that your boys are excited too. And wow, the story behind it gave me chills. And I have to say that I love that they have the original voices back.

  3. How fun to get a sneak peak! My daughter loved it. And Eugene is hilarious.

    I really like how the princess movies are moving away from the traditional prince saves princess and towards princess has a great adventure.

  4. Thanks, A. I was hoping it was just a well-deserved break but then started to worry. Maybe I should be more concerned over my DD addiction! :-) Here’s wishing you a great week. I am going to make my coffee now and enjoy today’s post. Much love to all, Jane <3

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