What Time Is It? Show Time {Hamilton Dinner, Movie & Printables}

I don’t know about y’all, but Hamilton on Disney + has been a highlight of our month. Honey rigged up a “screen on the green” and we invited our next door neighbors over for an alfresco dinner and movie in the driveway. Honey was in charge of drinks and had a lot of fun finding… Read More

Disney At Home {Alexa’s D-Parks Channel & Apple Music}

More time at home has changed so many things, but one is that I am listening to music more often than ever! I thought I’d share my favorites for listening to Disney music. D-Parks Background Channel on Alexa This one is my absolute favorite! D-Parks plays unofficial music straight from the Disney parks 24/7 on… Read More

Downton Abbey

I finally saw Downton Abbey the movie last week with a group of girlfriends and oh.my.goodness. it was just as amazing as I had hoped! I thought we could chat a little today about all things Downton. If you haven’t yet seen it, the following does contain spoilers. I absolutely loved the Downton rewind at… Read More

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