What We’re Watching {Halloween Ends}

I typically queue up a bunch of super scary thriller reads starting October 1, but this year I’m going about my Halloween a little differently. Since October 1, I have binged every single movie in the Halloween Series! Of course the original one and two are my faves, but it was so much fun to watch them all in order of release.

The Halloween movie streak culminated by seeing Halloween Ends in the theater Sunday night. Honey, who abhors scary movies, volunteered to go with me. That’s true love, friends. I assured him I’d be fine but he wouldn’t hear of it. While I snuggled tight in my blanket and watched the last movie in the series, he listened to his book on tape and chowed down on popcorn. HA!

If you’ve got a new scary movie or series to recommend, please share! There are still 13 days until Halloween and I need something new.

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3 thoughts on “What We’re Watching {Halloween Ends}

  1. What a sweet husband you have. I love that he listened to a book on tape instead of watching the creepy movie. Great idea and he was there to support you if you needed him. That is LOVE. 🙂

  2. How fun!! I’ve only watched the first ones way back when, but such a fun series. Hopefully this time they kill off Michael for good. I keep talking about this movie with my family, and I need to watch it again, but I highly recommend Silver Bullet. It’s from the 80’s and I remember it being a perfect blend of fright and fun. I wouldn’t call it a slasher film, so Honey might even like it.

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