A Quiet Easter + Easter Table Decor

As y’all know, we spent a quiet Easter weekend at home.  It felt very relaxed and seemed like we didn’t do a whole lot until I started pouring through the pics.  On Saturday we did a lot of yard work, but also a lot of lounging in the yard.  Honey put up my hammock and it was just absolutely delightful.

Of course, every time I had just about dozed off this little nose poked up to see what was what.  Honey thought I should let her up on the hammock with me but I know her well enough to know we both would have landed on our heads in the pinestraw in about two seconds flat.  (That dirty little mouth had the best time nosing around in the holes we were digging to plant, transplant and divide plants this weekend.)

The boys were relentless in reminding me about the fact that they haven’t had a egg hunt or had the Easter bunny come in two years.  I know, I know… but we were on Spring Break!  So I hopped to it and did a GIANT egg hunt for them and a friend.  Easter baskets were already full for Sunday so Target bags had to stand in.

Sunday morning we made resurrection rolls for breakfast.  They always look forward to this and I think they are really the sweetest.  You can find the details in last year’s post >> Palm Sunday + Resurrection Rolls

We got all dressed up for mass and took a few pics on the front porch before heading out.  When I was looking back at the pictures later in the day I felt so regretful that they were growing so fast.  But then I checked myself and let myself be overjoyed at this fact.  I am truly and immensely grateful that they are growing and thriving, and are healthy and well loved and happy.  Sometimes I get hung up on on the fact that it does go fast but more and more frequently I have been reminding myself that this is right and good and the way it should be.  <3

Thanks to the wi-fi camera that can be operated by my phone (behind Whit’s back), Easter 2017 was documented…

So, so, so grateful for these three…

I was lamenting the fact that the Easter bunny brought baskets full of beach toys to bestie M and she opened her home and amazing pool to us for the afternoon.  Her family was off to the Braves game and we got to enjoy this oasis and all the goods from the bunny.  It was perfection.

Late Easter afternoon I set our supper table on the porch.  I picked up this gorgeous floral wrapping paper at Target not know what I’d do with it, but it made the perfect runner for Easter.

The two arm chairs are new from Grandin Road.  After four years on the porch, my white fabric ikea chairs were pretty done.  I’ve moved the chair bases to the attic but pitched the covers.  There was no getting them clean.  I couldn’t love their replacements any more and will share more pics and details soon.

I picked up two bunches of tulips at Trader Joe’s Friday once we determined we were staying in town.  The vase is a canister from my Lenox china, and the white plates are the same line.  The bunny plates were from Ross Simons eons ago.  The glasses were Ballard Designs (outlet!) and the napkins are World Market.  The napkin rings and straws were Target Dollar Spot.

This my second year making the bunny cakes and they are not only adorable but delicious to boot.  I used the Bunny Cakelet Pan and my lemon coconut pound cake recipe.  I’ve now used the pan twice and bestie M has borrowed it as well.  I want to say that it is really nice, SO easy to clean and the cakes come out perfectly.  I have had other shaped and specialty cake pans that make me want to pull my hair out :-)  You can find the recipe and all the details in last year’s post >> Our Easter Table 2016

In addition to bunny cakes, I picked up a tiny little boneless ham from Publix with a brown sugar glaze.  I made Mother’s twice baked potato casserole because we always have that at family holiday dinners.  Honey made the asparagus.  It was a simple but yummy meal.

Thank you to all that continue to ask about Daddy-O’s progress.  He’s home but Mother said the pain is pretty intense.  He starts PT Monday so I will give an update on how he does after I talk to Mother.

I hope that you and yours had a wonderful Easter and enjoy a great week ahead!


Bunny Cakelet Pan
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21 thoughts on “A Quiet Easter + Easter Table Decor

  1. Every time you post a photo of your porch, I think “I love this porch” — it is perfection. Wonderful blog, wonderful family. Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. We had to choose between the master bathroom and the porch. We’ve never regretted the choice :-)

  2. Your Easter weekend sounds lovely and enjoyable, despite not being what you’d planned. I second your emotions about your boys growing at rapid pace; I lament in my heart from time to time, bit have simply determined that doing so will NOT stop time or bring back the past and I’m determined to hold on and enjoy the days as they come.

    We will continue to pray for Daddy-O’s healing and pain relief, and for your comfort and peace of mind until you can lay your own eyes on him and hug his neck! 💕 xo

  3. I am envious. Our porch is still covered in about 6 inches of pollen! YUCK!!! I used to lament about our girls getting older until I realized that in doing so I was robbing them of all they had become, all their dreams, accomplishments and rights of passage. It’s easier now when I look at it that way. Now I look back and just think…WOW! Continue to keep Daddy-O in prayer.

  4. My dad had his knee replacement surgery on March 20th, and it was rough going for a while. He said he was surprised that it hurt more than BEFORE the surgery, which made me laugh, but totally made sense as he’s never had any major medical procedures and thinks he’s tough as nails. It gets better! Prayers for your Daddy-O!

    1. Oh, yes I think this is true for my dad too. Daddy-O did have the other knee done years ago but hopefully the process and recovery has improved in the last decade!

  5. I hope Daddy-O feels better soon! Recovery from knee surgery is not fun. And I will echo your thoughts on your boys, children grow way, way too fast. It seems like mine were just tiny tots that believed in the Easter bunny, and now they’re all so big. Love them though!!

    1. He seems to be perking up a bit. Goes back to PT today. Thank you for asking! Yes, it all happens too fast for sure!

    1. AW, thank you!! It is two years old now. It is Lilly and I got it for Honey’s big 40th birthday dinner. I still LOVE it so much – it’s beautiful and timeless. She did release it again last year in a different color on the bottom so it could come back again.

  6. Have you ever shared the Twice Baked Potato Casserole recipe on the blog before? It looks incredible and maybe more time friendly than when we prepare individual potatoes because they are loved in our family too.

      1. I can’t believe I’ve never shared!! If you need it soon email me because I’ll be blogging all my Tennessee stuff for the time being. xo

    1. I can’t believe I haven’t but will soon. If you need it in the next couple of weeks email me! WE used to do the regular individual potatoes until Mother discovered this recipe years ago. We never went back!

  7. Thank you for sharing your, as always, beautiful back porch. You have the right attitude concerning your boys growing up. Yes, it goes by way-too-fast, doesn’t it? They are both handsome and I know you and Honey are both so very proud of them.

    I too, would love if you would share your Mother’s twice baked potato casserole. Yum!! Continued prayers for your special Daddo-O’s recovery.

    1. Thank you so very much!! It does go too fast but lately I’ve just felt so thankful that they get the chance to grow up healthy and happy <3 I will DEF share the recipe. She's been making it for eons so I can't believe I never have. If you need it soon email me because I'll be blogging all my Tennessee stuff for the time being. xo

    1. SO sorry. I can’t believe I’ve never shared. If you need it soon email me because I’ll be blogging all my Tennessee stuff for the time being. xo

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