Fifteen Fabulous Years

Fifteen years ago today I walked down this beautiful aisle to exchange I Dos with Honey.

I had so much fun yesterday looking through old pictures to find a few from our “big” anniversaries.  This was our five year anniversary. We had just arrived in St. Lucia to celebrate on what was our first trip away from baby John.

Sister took these beautiful pictures of us in her courtyard on our 10th anniversary.  We drove off in the Jeep for a night at the beautiful Serenbe Inn.

We’ve done so much in our fifteen years together, with our proudest moments involving raising our family.  I’m not so naive as to think we get it all right, but I do know these two are wholly and completely loved by their parents.

And, of course, we finally got our girl as well.  She completed our family and loves us all more than we deserve.

In addition to our boys and Elsa, we share a mutual love of reading, murder mystery shows, Georgia Tech, cards and puzzles, Disney, Alanis Morisette and Zac Brown, movie nights, game nights, seafood and sushi, road trips, sudoku, costume parties, pool lounging and math.  And now, I’m adding silly matching t-shirts to the list…

We’ve been saying this in unison ever since Frozen came out four years ago. (We are dorks and we own that.) Sometimes they are actual sandwiches, but usually just the proverbial kind.

When I spied these at Once Upon a Mickey Tee I knew we had to have them.  Fifteen years seemed like the perfect occasion.  Don’t think that we don’t love the fact that when we behave like this it is increasingly mortifying to the eleven year old :-)

Honey is smart, hardworking and honest.  He’s also so incredibly patient and tenderhearted and kind.  And I think he’s incredibly handsome.  Some days I can hardly believe he’s mine – I still remember the first time I laid eyes on him on my first day of college!  He was dating an older ZTA who was tall and skinny and had long blonde hair.  I never would have guessed that we’d go on our first date three and half years later.

These fifteen years flew by.  I mean, it seems like yesterday that we walked down the aisle.  But I can also hardly remember life before him.  You know?!

Thank you to Sister for taking the beautiful pics of us!!  I look forward to growing very, very old with this man.  Happy 15 years, Honey!



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55 thoughts on “Fifteen Fabulous Years

  1. Happy anniversary!! I always remember a line from one of your older posts, “That Honey, he’s a keeper.” :)

  2. I love hearing your story! And love the example you are setting for other young moms who read your blog! Congrats on 15 and best wishes for the next 15 years!

  3. Happy Anniversary! We celebrate 15 years next month and I agree that the years just zoom by. Wishing you both all the best!

  4. Happy, happy day! It seems like you just posted your 10th photos! These are so darling and Sister did a wonderful job capturing your love and joy. Congratulations to a sweet and beautiful couple. <3 Here's wishing you a very special weekend with those you love. I have always wondered about the moment you met your prince.
    Thank you for sharing the photo of you and your dear father…it reminds me of The Sound of Music! May God bless you always.

    1. Thank you Jane! 10 does seem like yesterday. Sister is so good to help me out on the photo front! Daddy-O is doing much better. He’s been here the last few days and is really getting along pretty well!!! Sound of Music is one of my all time favorite movies. I can sing every word :-)

  5. Happy 15th Anniversary Amanda to you & Honey! You definitely got a “keeper”. We will celebrate our 30th this September and the time does fly so enjoy each precious day with him and your beautiful boys.

  6. Amanda,
    Congratulations to both you and Honey! Your church and wedding dress are gorgeous and I’m pretty sure neither one of you have aged at all, at least not according to the darling anniversary pictures! I lost my husband after 32! Years of marriage and I still miss him every day. I especially love your blog, because I feel as though I’m reading about my own little family as I was raising my kids with my husband. Thank you so much for including all of us in your fun life !

    1. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I know you feel so blessed to have had those 32 years, and I can imagine it is so hard figure out how to move forward. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way. Your comment really touched me. xo

    1. Oh, it was so beautiful. I love that church so much!! One day I’ll take pics of my wedding pics – ours was before digital cameras really became popular.

  7. Happy Anniversary! I love the pictures. The two of you make such a darling couple. Your gown was breathtaking.

    My hubby and I will be married 30 years in November…you are so right it goes by so quickly. Mine’s a keeper too. So blessed beyond words.

    Wishing you many many more years of wonderful memories as a family.

  8. aww Happy Anniversary!!! My honey and I will celebrate our 15 years this year, too, in September!!!

    Here’s to many many more!

    (and I love those tee shirts!!!– ours would be “poboys” ) :)

  9. As my SIL and I call you “Dixie” you girl haven’t aged a bit and we should know! My Honey and I will have our 50th next month. Even tho we are way ahead of you I have all the same thoughts, the first time I saw him, how handsome, and I can’t believe he is mine. Our grands are about the age of your boys so I enjoy reading your posts each day. We can’t wait for you to catch up as we are starting on our next 50 years soon, but you two will be there before you know it. Congratulations.

  10. Happy anniversary. I love those shirts – and love how mortified your son is by you wearing them. Such a fun age!

  11. Happy 15th Anniversary to you both!! It is wonderful that you cherish your marriage and also find the time to enjoy some of the little (silly) things with each other.
    Congratulations and Best Wishes for a long and happy life together!

    1. Well, I didn’t steal him, that’s for sure. HA! I just admired him from afar for years until they broke up :-) I broke up with the guy I dated most of college right around the same time. :-)

  12. Happy Anniversary! I just love this post as the love for your husband and boys really shines through! I have been married for almost 45 years and feel like you, as I hope we are together many, many more years. We raised three daughters together, and have two of the cutest grandsons you could ever meet.

  13. this is so so sweet!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! you two are such a beautiful and photogenic couple- seriously you guys dont age!!!!! love those matching shirts! you guys are the cutest couple! i just love reading your blog! it is my favorite blog ever :) you give me hope that true love really does exist :) cheers to lifelong happiness and love to you both!!! #COUPLEGOALS

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