Magical Monday {Disney’s Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party with Plaza Garden Viewing}

We were last in Disney over Memorial Day and really wanted to see the new Happily Ever After fireworks in Magic Kingdom.  With the show being just a couple weeks old AND the fact that it was a holiday weekend, we knew good viewing spots would be hard to come by.  It seemed like the perfect reason to book the Fireworks Dessert Party!!

First things first, we arrived in Magic Kingdom to conquer the mountains with FastPass and grab a bite to eat.  First up… Splash Mountain!

Looking like drowned rats, we headed off to Thunder Mountain.  They really need a PhotoPass on that ride :-)

Rounding out the mountains, we were off to Tomorrowland for Space Mountain.  Honey really hates this ride and now that both boys willingly go with me, he sits it out every single time.

The skies were starting to look questionable and it was HOT so we scooted over to the People Mover.  We rode it around three full times and I passed the time by taking pretty pictures…

Meanwhile, Honey and Whit took a snooze.  Like father like son, these two.

Sufficiently rested, it was time to head to the highlight of our day – the Fireworks Dessert Party with Plaza Garden Viewing at the Tomorrowland Terrace!  The sun was just setting and everything looked stunning…

Check-in is located at a podium on the Tomorrowland Entrance closest to Main Street.  We arrived around 7:30PM and there was a bit of a line.  

We were given wrist band and ushered to the upper level of Tomorrowland Terrace.  There are two options now for the Fireworks Dessert Party – viewing from the lower level of the Tomorrowland Terrace and viewing from the Plaza Gardens (more commonly known as the hub grass.)

Since we had already experienced the dessert party from the Tomorrowland Terrace, we tried the Plaza Garden viewing this time.  It was also $20 cheaper per adult.  The cast member will let you choose your table on arrival and will give you a “reserved” table tent to hold it while at the buffets.  We were towards the front of the line at check-in and chose a table on the edge overlooking the hub.  It was nice and breezy!

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As for the desserts, you can eat as much as you like.  While the spread wasn’t as filling or varied as the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party, I actually enjoyed the desserts more.  There were various tarts, fruits and cupcakes but the macaroons and chocolate dipped strawberries were my favorite!

All four of us also loved the Kid’s Kabobs.  At Disney everyone is a kid, you know :-)  The plates had a Mickey straw and chocolate fondue with a marshmallow, strawberry, brownie and rice krispie treat for dipping.  Disney makes rice krispie treats like nobody else and this was such a fun treat.

There were lemonades, sparkling cider and other non-alcoholic drink choices.

After we filled up on sweets we headed back to the podium and they walked us over to the roped off garden viewing area.  The sun was setting and it was just lovely.

We staked out our spot and settled in to wait for the show.  There was plenty of room in the garden, but a lot of the views did have a light post or tree in way of the castle.  If an absolutely clear viewing position is important to you, arrive early.

The sun fully set and the clouds became more and more ominous.  Just as the show was scheduled to start, the bottom fell out.  We all rushed back to take cover at our tables at the Tomorrowland Terrace.

It was storming fiercely and everyone was running around like crazy.  We waited and waited and waited and it just kept up.  When I saw a Frontierland cast member in Tomorrowland I knew it was serious. HA!

Honey and the boys were ready to go after waiting an hour but I reaaaaaaally wanted to see the fireworks.  When the rain slowed at one point we compromised and headed towards the exit.  The park was closing in about 10 minutes and we thought it was a lost cause.

Well, just as we were at the train station, the lights started to dim and the music started!!!!!!!!!  We rushed up the stairs and had a front row view of the fireworks looking down Main Street.

I really enjoyed the new show and was SO glad we stuck it out.  I didn’t love it as much as Wishes, but it is really top notch.  I just have so many memories attached to Wishes that I couldn’t flip my loyalty in one viewing :-)

Can you see the Moana fireworks in this shot?!  SO cool!

If you go:

  • Advance reservations are highly recommended and can be made up to 180 days prior to your visit; We saw many people come up and inquire only to find out it was sold out for the night.
  • Fireworks are not guaranteed and we really thought we wouldn’t see them our night!  Just keep in mind that in every vacation there will be a hiccup.  Don’t let it ruin your trip, or even your night.
  • Be sure to check the times guide on the day of your party to ensure the fireworks time has not changed.
  • Check-in happens at a podium on the Main Street side of Tomorrowland Terrace.  It officially opens 75 minutes prior to the fireworks, but there was a line 90 minutes in advance.
  • The only advantage to arriving early is getting your choice of tables.  This is really not important as you can’t see the fireworks from the part of the restaurant where they sit the guests of the Plaza Garden viewing party.
  • There is another party that seats on the bottom level of Tomorrowland Terrace.  You DO watch the fireworks from these seats so it would be good to get as close to the front of that line as possible.
  • There was ample room in the plaza garden, but most spots had a slightly obstructed view.  Being so short, I always have an obstructed view so I think a measly tree or lamp post that I could clearly see around would have been GREAT!  HA! We spread out, laid down, and didn’t have people stepping over or in front of us all night.  It was lovely while it lasted.  If only we had seen the show from there… :-)

I hope that YOU had a magical Monday.  Please ask any questions… I am always happy to help!


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CLICK TO TWEET: Try the Fireworks Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom for a magical end to any Disney night! @_DixieDelights_ #disnysmmc


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6 thoughts on “Magical Monday {Disney’s Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party with Plaza Garden Viewing}

  1. The dessert party seems like the best way to end the day. So happy it worked out last minute to see the fireworks! xo

  2. Disney indeed makes delicious Rice Krispy treats!
    I have found adding a generous teaspoon of vanilla extract and using unsalted butter in the recipe as well as to grease the pan, makes all the difference. See if your boys agree!

  3. We did that dessert party last visit. I thought it was a great use of that space that sits empty. We were escorted to the private lawn area and the kids couldn’t see, and I hated the feeling of being in the middle of the crowd that was forever moving around us, but we were behind the gate area so were some what saved? People were constantly trying to get better seats to see, so they would stand on the walls. Of course they were asked to move along since they try to keep that area behind you clear. It was just a big distraction. Plus, the amount of sugar the kids had so late at night…it was a huge sugar crash later. I too like the old show much better. I think Disney has room to improve on this whole set up to be honest. It’s a great idea, but it’s frustrating you can’t see! You had a way better view I think from those photos you posted.

  4. The PeopleMover is THE BEST PLACE for a snooze! When my now teenage boys were toddlers, we’d hop on there so they’d fall asleep. My family has hence named it “The Nappy Ride” !

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