Easy Solution for Storing Swim Team Ribbons

Swim team here in Atlanta runs for the month of June and we are already two meets in!  I have used this super simple solution for storing their ribbons for a few years now.

All you need is a large 2″ binder ring clip.  We snip off the strings they come with and then add the ribbons to the ring each week as they come in.  We have found many uses for these ring clips and I keep them on hand at all times (storing flash cards for tests, prayer cards for first communion, clipping the littles’ creations onto their backpacks, even for carrying hats on the back of our Disney backpack).

If you want to get fancy, it’s really pretty easy to create the tag for the front using word, powerpoint, photoshop or your kid’s own artwork!

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We have this inexpensive laminating machine in our family office and use it quite frequently for DIYs, crafts and school projects.  You will also need laminating pouches for it.  I like to buy the full sheet size and then cut it down if needed for smaller things.


This is our fourth swim team season and we have each summer’s ribbons on their own clip.  The boys love to go back and see how they have improved their times over the years as well!

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!


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