Can’t Hide that School Pride {Free Printable}

As hard as it is to believe, we are headed back to school soon here in Georgia.  Mother and I have been talking about doing “team tassels” since this time last year and finally pulled it off!!  I had her make the first two with Whit’s school colors to give his teacher and with Tech colors for me to wear all fall.

You are able to pick any two colors under the sun (send a link to your school if needed!) and Mother will do her best to match them.  Think… back to school teacher gifts, school spirit days, athletic events, sorority engagements or just your two favorite colors.  (Top below from Willow Park Boutique)

I made a color coordinated tag for Whit’s teacher, but also a generic printable tag for all of you!!  I envision it mounted on a piece of scrapbook paper or cardstock in the team colors.  However, neither navy nor “old gold” are colors I have on hand to show you.  HA!

Just right click on this image and save it to print!  If you happen to need the eagle tag, just email me :-)I hope that y’all are soaking up the last bit of summer.  I know we are!!!


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