LuLaRoe for Dummies

Last week I went to my very first LuLaRoe party.  I figure half of you are like me… what in the world is LuLaRoe?  And the other half are already obsessed!  I was so intrigued by all the ladies that showed up for this party that I had to learn more.  The consultant, Lindsay Adams, is a dear friend of my bestie M and was willing to answer a bunch of my questions.  I’m calling this post LuLaRoe for Dummies. :-)

What is LuLaRoe?

LuLaRoe is an awesome, fashion forward company.  The owner, Deanne Stidham, was #10 of 11 kids and was taught the value of clothing, how to sew, the use patterns, and about different fabrics and the trims at a young age. The first piece she ever made was the Maxi skirt which she made for her daughter and all of her friends, allowing each of them to choose their own fabric at the store for a one of a kind, quality piece.  From there Deanne started booking in-home pop up parties where ladies could browse through a sea of unique patterns and walk away feeling like they’d snagged a One of a Kind Piece that no one in their area would have in their home closets!  It’s taken off from there!!

Why is it called LuLaRoe?

The LuLaRoe brand name was created after Deanne’s first three granddaughters. Lu (stands for Lucy, that’s the Lucy skirt) La (stand for Lola, another skirt) and Roe (stands for Monroe, its our kimono).  All of the pieces in the apparel line are named after family members or someone special to the company.  For example, the men’s shirt “Patrick” is named after LLR’s Head Designer Patrick who has an amazing resume in creating skinny jeans for Heidi Klum when she was pregnant, collections for Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, and designing the bohemian chic looks of Anthropology!

Why are ladies so obsessed with LuLaRoe Clothing?

LuLaRoe pieces come in so many patterns and designs, and are flattering, easy to wear and comfortable!  We sell dresses, pencil skirts, maxi skirts, cardigans, kimonos, and of course “buttery soft, smooth leggings!”.


How does it work?

As a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Consultant, I house an In-home Boutique which holds over 1,000 pieces of well sought out styles.  My personal Facebook shopping group enjoys weekly LIVE Sales, where I go on at the same time and the same night every week and unbox all of the NEW pieces.  Never do I get the same pieces, prints, sizes or styles!  As items come out of the box, the first customer to type the magic word – sold, mine or unicorn – claims the piece.  After the sale, you complete a simple 3 question google doc, receive your invoice and then get your items.  Customers often receive their merchandise within 48 hours of the LIVE show!

We also pack up our entire boutique and hit the road 2-3 times a month to Pop Up Shop in a friend, family or customer’s home.  The hostess helps by inviting friends and building hype for the party.  Ladies stream in to see the gorgeous prints, fabrics and styles in person.  It’s helpful because LuLaRoe sizing varies greatly from style to style.   Women love “playing dress up” with their close friends, family and hostess and feel special and valued as they leave the party with unique, comfortable and super cute pieces to add to their collections.

Wait… what is a “unicorn”?

There is no LuLaRoe catalog and you never know which style, print and size will pop up in a LIVE Show or Pop Up Shop!  Some pieces are so sought after that they area called “unicorns”!  For example, solid pieces are hard to find and are often called “unicorns” and snatched up like lightening.

What is a Capsule Collection?

Our customers already go crazy anytime we get a “Capsule Collection” which has been things like USA Americana clothing for the 4th, Matching Mommy and Me Prints for Mothers Day or Hearts, Roses & Cupids released just in time for Valentine’s Day!

It was the Disney collaboration that got me interested.  Tell me more!

The LuLaRoe for Disney Collaboration is incorporated into our prints and fabrics for two years.  The first prints released have been Minnie, Mickey, Donald Duck, Kermit and Miss Piggy and Bambi!!  Next will be some of the princesses, and Aurora is thought to be one of the first.  Even the consultants don’t know the order of the releases, but we do see sneak peeks.  Upcoming prints to look for are Disney’s Pixar movies (think green alien leggings from Toy Story!), Disney Villians, Star Wars and Disney Castles.  There is also a lot of hype about Ariel.

How did you get this job?

Deanne, the owner, created a business plan and decided to share this opportunity with others that have a passion for fashion and want to “have it all” in working from home and being a mom.  LuLaRoe gives me financial flexibility and lets me schedule my own working hours.  I do lots of this work before my children wake up.  My LIVE Sale, which usually profits between $500-$1,500, is done when my children are in bed for the night!! I look forward to being home when they jump off the bus each day, grabbing a healthy snack together and doing homework time at a good hour!  Before I jumped into LuLaRoe full time I was a teacher.  I’m going to Ride out the LuLaRoe Wave as long as possible and I’m SO thankful God has blessed our family with this incredible business opportunity!

Isn’t she the CUTEST?!  Okay, so I only have Disney pieces in my small LuLaRoe collection, but I adore every one and can vouch for the “buttery soft leggings”.  They are amazing.  I will pair these with a black short sleeved tunic in fall and a heavy black sweater and Uggs in winter.

I was SO excited to score this darling Mickey shirt!  It will be so cute this fall with red jeans, my Melissa shoes and a couple of tassel bracelets in the park.

I also got the Minnie tee and picked up these leggings for Sister.

Lindsay gets new inventory each week.  You can join her VIP shopping group and business pages here:

FB VIP Shopping Group: LuLaRoe Lindsay Adams Apparel Boutique

FB LuLaRoe Business Page: LuLaRoe Lindsay Adams

I had so much fun at my first LuLaRoe party and really enjoyed learning so much more about it.  It was something I had heard mentioned in a few social circles and never really knew what in the world they were talking about.  :-)



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  1. I really love LLR. I am really short and so I wear my Maxi as a dress instead of skirt and pair it with a cardigan.

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