It’s been a loooong time since a random musings share…

My old co-worker / current neighbor celebrated the big 4-0 last week.  A mutual friend of ours organized a campaign that swept the neighborhood.  She designed these “campaign sign” and asked all of Dani’s friends to purchase one and put it in their yard.  It has been so much fun to see our friend celebrated all over the place and has really generated a lot of buzz. Friends in other parts of the city and country took pictures of their yard signs and posted to Dani’s Facebook page.  I just loved this creative idea and thought I’d share.

The USPS released these fabulous Disney Villains stamps this past weekend.  I bought one page to use and another to frame.

A dear reader and virtual friend sent me this “sussy” (care package) from New Orleans.  First things first, that was so incredibly sweet and thoughtful.  Next… I am SO in love with these chips.  I urge any of you in LA to run out and grab a bag!!

We haven’t talked about the eclipse yet on the blog, but it’s quickly approaching!!!  My family is really excited to see it.  We have plans with bestie M to head to the lake in North GA for the big event.  I’m just hoping my new middle schooler will decide he can take a day off of 6th grade to join us.  :-)  I’d love to hear your eclipse plans!!

After all of the commentary when I shared Up and Vanished, I thought I’d mention S-Town.  I thought it was good and interesting, but was sad overall.  It is still absolutely worth listening to if you haven’t already.


I can’t recall if I ever shared these Trader Joe’s cookies, but they are super yummy!  I love all almond flavored desserts and these are just perfection in that arena.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Happy Sunday!!



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10 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Love, love musings posts! We’re driving “over the border” to Greenville, SC to view the eclipse. Our co-op is cancelled for today, and the boys are pretty excited. And goodness, Up and Vanished?! I’m hooked! I know it’s been solved but I’m loving the podcast after watching several TV shows about it over the years. I’ll have to check out S-Town, now.

    Hope your week is off to a fab start! xo

    1. It is!! We are headed to North GA for the eclipse but John doesn’t want to miss school so it might just be Whit and me :-( I’m SO hoping his teachers give them a bit of a reprieve that day.

  2. As far as the eclipse is concerned, we live in the “prime viewing area” here in Sweetwater, TN. There are festivals planned all over the county that day! I spoke with our sheriff the other day and he indicated that there will be approximately 30,000 people come to our county for this event!! There are no hotel rooms available between Knoxville and Chattanooga!! We have even agreed to host a Knoxville news station (WBIR) in our home on the Sunday night before…it’s crazy!! The Knoxville News Sentinel (Knoxville newspaper) came by today for an interview. I’m sure they think we’ve lost our minds, but we’re so excited about being a part of this historic event!! Enjoy your viewing at the lake! And for those cookies…they’re the devil!! LOL! #dietwrecker

    1. I know!! I looked for a hotel room briefly but then my bestie hooked us up with a friend of hers that has a lake house in the path of totality. I think traffic will be insane with people headed out of Atlanta so we are planning to go Sunday!

  3. It was my pleasure to send you that little sussy.. You never know, I may send something else one of these days! You’ll have to tell me if that coffee has you running around like crazy.. word is that it is pretty strong! :)

  4. My college age sun recommended S-town and it was so intriguing. I loved the different viewpoints of what went down. I loved your recommendation of Lore. I’m a bit behind on it. I’ve been enjoying Mike Rowe’s weekly podcast as well. You should check it out. Thanks for sharing as always.

  5. I just got home from Trader Joe’s. Too bad I didn’t see this before. But then, we have 4 Trader Joe’s within about a mile of our place!

  6. Columbia, SC in a prime viewing location in the path of total eclipse. We expect 1 million visitors and there are so many eclipse related activities. A number of species at Riverbanks Zoo will be observed during the eclipse to learn more about animal behavior during an eclipse. Schools are closed for the viewing in many parts of the state. Once in a lifetime event for most of us!

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