Road Trip Ticket to Ride

As y’all know, we’ve been on the road a lot this summer between Columbia, Savannah and Disney!  One of our favorite ways to pass the time in the car is with the Ticket to Ride App.

It costs $4.99 in the iTunes store but is SO well worth it!  You can play by yourself, but our favorite way to enjoy the mobie game is with the Local option.  You all turn on the bluetooth and it connects you to the other players in the car.  If you are sharing one device, the Pass & Play option allows one player to make their move and then pass the device to the next player.

It is so easy to get started, especially if you are familiar with the board game.  We have all gotten hours of enjoyment out of this app and it goes a long way to passing the time and keeping the people happy when we are on the road.

I know the app is available on iTunes and I’m certain there is an Android version as well.  If you’re curious, my other favorite phone games are Sudoku, Kenken, Merged and Emoji Blitz.

Let me know if YOU have a great way to pass the time in the car!



Ticket to Ride Board Game


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5 thoughts on “Road Trip Ticket to Ride

  1. How fun! My boys would love this as a way to pass time in the car – and I love that it’s interactive vs. just watching YouTube. Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. Haven’t tried it yet, but there is a Pandemic app as well. My kids love Pandemic so we’ll be giving it a try on our next trip!

  3. Is it hard to learn on the app if you have never played the game before or know anything about it? We just went on a road trip of almost 3 weeks to Yellowstone, Glacier, and Grand Teton and listened to some audio books from the library. The favorites were “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (I always wanted some chocolate after listening to it!) and “The Indian In the Cupboard.”

    1. I’m not sure! I learned to play the board game first. I actually think the app is easier though overall.

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