Salt Air + Sunshine

The boys and I were up bright and early Thursday morning to hit the road for home.  It doesn’t seem to matter how old I get, there is nothing more comforting than turning the corner to see my childhood home at the end of a long island road in Savannah.  Over the last few days we’ve spent a whole lot of time down on the dock soaking up the salt air and sunshine.

You can see dolphin in the upper right hand side of the water here!

I’ve lived in Atlanta longer now than I ever lived in Savannah, yet it still feels like home.



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10 thoughts on “Salt Air + Sunshine

  1. …And it always will. :-) Welcome home, Amanda. May God bless your family and our beautiful country. Happy Fourth of July. Let freedom ring!

      1. Thank you for your kind words. All is well…we had the rugs, carpets and hardwood floors cleaned, along with drapes…windows washed…and then decided to order new sheers…which turned into a new sofa search, occasional tables and reupholstering a chair…as we cleaned and purged closets, drawers and cabinets! We have had sweet baby doves in the patio trees so we can’t even use the pool! Whew! Now, I am on my way to Gainesville this week to help my brother move! It will seem like a vacation!! I am doing NOTHING for the rest of the summer! But I am always here relaxing in Dixieland, with my morning coffee. <3. Please send a few pics of Some Beach. (Sorry…it's worth a try!) ;-) Sister's morning cheese platter was brilliant! Love you, Amanda. Have a happy, happy day.

        1. Hi Jane, I had a chuckle reading about how one project leads to many more! That is what Daddy-O says every time I get something done or fixed…

  2. I understand! I’m older than you, but when I cross over the bridge onto Wilmington Island, I feel like I am 19 again and coming home from college. I don’t think it ever changes, no matter where you are from.

  3. Beautiful! I think, no matter how long you’ve lived in one particular place, the place you associate with home IS home to you. I love your Savannah posts since it’s one of our very favorite places to visit and we get to go a few times a year!

  4. My favorite posts of yours are the ones when you go home to Savannah/Tybee. Everything is rooted in childhood so that’s why you feel the way you do about going home.
    Have a great time!

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