Daily Delight {Eclipse 2017}

As y’all know, we headed up to Hiawasse, Georgia this past weekend to enjoy some fun in the sun and to have a viewing spot of the eclipse from the path of totality!  The kids swam in the lake and did some fishing in the morning while most of the adults squeezed in some work, conference calls, emails, etc.  Right around 1PM we tuned in to the eclipse on the news and set up our snack cart on the deck.

Everyone was excited to put on their shirts and glasses!!  Speaking of shirts, I absolutely loved seeing pictures of YOU in your shirts via email and tags on Instagram!!

We loved seeing the crescents in all of the shadows.  That was one of the coolest parts.  And, we were all in awe when they flipped after the eclipse passed.  Nature is really amazing.

You can see in this side by side how bright it was at 2PM versus right before totality.  It was so incredible how quickly we went from light to dark and back again.

Honey took a few shots of the sun with his phone and a spare pair of glasses.  Seeing the progression was awe inspiring.

So, was it worth it? Absolutely!  I can say with certainty that the 14 of us on that deck in North Georgia will never forget “where we were when…” for the eclipse.  Hearing the cheers of fellow viewers from other docks around the lake and the reactions of the kids in our party was just incredible.  You can take a peek of how it looked from our vantage point in our video!

I hope that you enjoyed the magnificent show, whether it passed through your town or if you watched it on television!!  And, before I go, I want to wish Daddy-O the happiest of birthdays!!!!!!!!!  He had quite the celebration this year, right?!



4 thoughts on “Daily Delight {Eclipse 2017}

  1. Great recap, Amanda. Your snacks, as usual, were terrifically clever! :-)

    Happy Birthday, Daddy-O! I am excited to learn we share the same birthday week! I hope it was “TOTALLY” over the moon!!! XOXO

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