Lake Chatuge

I’m a little late on this post because we spent a wonderful low-tech weekend up in Hiawasse, Georgia at Lake Chatuge where the scenery was gorgeous, the water sports were awesome, the company was wonderful and the internet was bad.  :-)

We had a group of 14 at the M family lake house.  The lake was just stunning, with the mountains and water, and very quiet overall.  The seven kids spent their time swimming, fishing, tubing and on the seadoo from sun up to sun down.

Honey smoked bbq on the egg for the 24 hours before we left.  It was such a yummy and hearty way to fill our bellies all weekend.  (We still swear by THIS recipe.)

Our school system didn’t cancel for the eclipse, but they did make all absences excused.  Three days on the lake sure was good for the soul.  And this view really didn’t hurt.

Many, many thanks to the B and M families for inviting us up for the weekend!!  I’ll be back soon to share our eclipse day fun!!



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3 thoughts on “Lake Chatuge

    1. It really was gorgeous compared to other lakes in North Georgia, and largely underdeveloped still. I can see why you almost bought property there! I hope you’re doing well. xo

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