It’s been ages since I did a random musings post.  Here goes…

Kate Spade has new Minnie Mouse items out.  I prefer the older stuff from last year but you know, just passing it along.  :-)

Target has a new line too.  I LOVE this shirt dress and it is so affordable.  I haven’t been in to try it on, but would love to know if you have!

Honey had to work last Saturday night and I took the boys to see Captain Underpants.  It was just awful.  LOL.  I have never wanted to pull my phone out and play emoji blitz so bad in any other movie.

But, alas, it inspired Whit to read the series.  And every other boy in the area, apparently.  Every book was checked out of the library and we were so far down on the wait list that I bought them for him in our used bookstore.  Since Monday he has read two of them twice and the other three once.  Gulp!

Aaaannnnnddddd, quite hyserically, we have also ordered this…  one Halloween costume down, one to go.  I just wonder, will he really have the guts to wear this???  Hmmmm… probably so, knowing him.  HA!

Image result for target captain underpants costume

I’ve been sending out cute things from the Dixie Delights Shop and forgetting to share.  I’ve been so busy lately that I’m trying to convince Sister to take it over from me :-)

Our dear friends own and I LOVE this wall art from their shop.  There are many other teams available, but this one really needs a place in our basement.

I’m sure the eyeballs fell out of your head when you saw this earlier this week.  I know, it just keeps getting worse in here and a reno is inevitable.  The bathtub leaked down into the den and instead of investing money in repairing it, Honey just cut the pipes to the tub.  So, now we have a hole in the side of it here AND another hole going into it from the potty / shower room.  The timing for a reno is just not good (calendar wise or financially) but it has me dreaming and scheming.

Speaking of the house, I got a big laugh out of this email from Pinterest…


I hope y’all have a great Labor Day weekend!!  We had plans today but they were cancelled so we are now looking at two days of absolutely nothing.  Honey ended up going out with the guys to watch football and I have had a blissful date with a bowl of cereal and my book.  Life is good.



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14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Love musings posts! I SO hope Whit goes through with the CU costume – that’s perfect! I did not enjoy the series either (thank goodness I didn’t have to see the movie!), but alas, it seems to be a perennial hit with boys everywhere.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend! xo

  2. FIrst time commenting . Love your sweet blog, thank you for the time you put into it .
    The chinoiserie note cards and binder are adorable- will keep in mind for Christmas gifts !
    Linda, ny

  3. Ugh! Sorry about your master bathroom. When we moved last year from Ga to TN, I had to attck our master 1st given I spend time in there multiple times a days.

    So grateful that Captain Underpants encourages boys to read, but grateful that my two skipped that series.

    Funny, that your own house was pinned for you:)

    1. I really should have done the bathroom before we moved it but had a 3 month old and a 3 year old and wasn’t thinking straight. :-)

  4. In “full disclosure”, I don’t know one.single.thing about Captain Underpants…but simply find the name and image amusing. :-) My apologies to the moms who are suffering through…much like Barney back in the day!

    1. Oh, an assortment of all sorts of stuff. I will share soon. Just finished Discovery of Witches and Black Book. Started on book 2 in the All Souls Trilogy. I have a whole stack in my room.

  5. Always enjoy your musings. I believe you may be the only girl in America with a navy blue bathtub! But because I love anything navy or cobalt blue, I really think your tub is as pretty as it is unique.
    I do hope you pinned that pretty front porch on the left. That is so funny that it was recommended to you.
    Happy Labor Day to you and yours!

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