Welcome Fall Football

I’ve been carrying on about the great weather in in Atlanta for a week now, but really y’all, it’s such a nice reprieve and such an early start to fall for us here!  On September 1 I put my Go Tech football door hanger out to show our school spirit and usher in a new month.

This one is by Bronwyn Hanahan, like most of my other door hangers.  I adore her work!

My ferns are looking a little scraggly after I left them out in the direct (scorching) sun for a week in July when we were traveling. Oops.  I love to dress the dogs up with GT ribbon and pom poms this time of the year.

Saturdays in the South will be all football all day long from now through Thanksgiving.  And, while I do miss the days of having littler kids with no schedules and spending our days tailgating at the stadium, this is a sweet phase too.  We will spend most Saturdays dividing and conquering with Honey taking whichever kid is free down to the Tech game and me cheering the other one on at baseball or lacrosse.  It sure is a fun time of the year!


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7 thoughts on “Welcome Fall Football

  1. We love, love, love all football and are counting the hours until kickoff tomorrow night! As for ala maters, GO BUTLER!

    But, more importantly, God bless all in Irma’s path. My brother, also a Butler Bulldog, is on his way to central Florida from Fort Lauderdale. May everyone stay safe.

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