Around Atlanta {Jerusalem Bakery}

My friend Lori was raving about the Jerusalem Bakery recently and I’d never heard of it.  I’m always up for trying something new so we made a date for her to school me on this hidden gem.

She basically ordered for me – “The Special” – I made sure there were no olives and was good to go.  For under $10 I walked away from the counter with the Chicken Schwarma, a side of hummus (PS. that purple stuff on top of the hummus def tasted like olives) and a drink.  I had never even heard of this type of sandwich and had no clue what it would taste like but she swore it was just “full of goodness that is grilled and melts in your mouth”… or something like that… and she was so RIGHT!   I now know it is thin sliced seasoned chicken topped with garlic sauce, tahini sauce and veggies all wrapped in their amazing homemade pita bread that is then pressed on the grill.

After lunch she took me through the attached grocery and bakery.  It was so fascinating and interesting and so full of breads and pastries that I could hardly keep up.  As it turns out, this is a family owned business that is one of the major distributors of Middle Eastern bread, pastries and sweets in the Southeast!

I can’t wait to take the boys back.  I love exploring Atlanta – if YOU know of a hidden gem, please pass it along!!


Jerusalem Bakery


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11 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Jerusalem Bakery}

  1. I suspect your purple stuff was olives… tapenade in the middle of hummus is pretty common (and YUMMY to me ?). It all sounds delicious! So fun to find new places! xo

  2. Schawarma is delicious!! The lamb is my favorite though — it’s the Greek in me ;). However, I sometimes make the chicken version at home, marinating for a long time and just grilling instead of using a rotisserie. So good! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

      1. It does! The seasoning is just a bit different. This is a broad description, but schawarma is the Middle Eastern version of gyros :). I always make my own tzatziki to go with it, too!

  3. The Tangierine Cafe in Epcot’s Moroccan Pavillon offers the same dish. It’s the best use of a quick service meal credit!

  4. Hankook Taqueria

    Red eyed mule. Alton Brown said it’s a great hamburger. My husband and son love the smoked sausage link breakfast sandwich if your boys are ever nearby in the morning. It’s a former little gas station

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