A Savannah Christmas {Antiquing and The Grey}

It was such a treat to spend an entire afternoon antiquing with Mother and Whit.  It’s something we’ve always loved but, sadly, haven’t made the time for recently.  My very favorite Savannah haunt is the Habersham Antique Market.  I’ve talked about them a few times on the blog but I think their prices are fair and I never leave empty handed.  It is like a maze inside and you can easily spend an hour looking through the booths.

We were delighted to shop with some champagne punch, cheese, crackers and sweets.  :-)

Whit really wanted to bring this home.  Apparently he wasn’t as scarred by our bat incident as I was.

Mother and I both loved the saint and sinner jigger.  It was too pricey but we are still talking about it.

I did score a box of Shiny Brites for $4!

After Habersham we headed over to Picker Joe’s.  They had a lot of interesting curiosities and we thoroughly enjoyed this stop as well.  While Habersham has a lot of good furniture, Picker Joes’s seems to have more smaller items.  They do have a wonderful salvage rooms with some of the most beautiful doors and architectural pieces I’ve seen around Savannah.

They had tons of lockers and a few sets of old airline seats.  Whit tried it out to see what flying was like in the good ol days.

Y’all can imagine how much I had to resist getting the Mickey bowling ball.  I still really want it and keep thinking about it.  But what does one do with a bowling ball??!!  (Other than the obvious…)

I did bring home two fabulous records for my new victrola!  And, speaking of the record player, I picked up a beautiful drop leaf table at Habersham to sit it on in my den back home.  In my excitement I forgot to take a picture so stay tuned for that!

Honey, Sister, Uncle J and I always do a double Christmas date in Savannah.  We had enough forethought to make a reservation at The Grey weeks ago.

The restaurant is very highly regarded on the Savannah restaurant scene and was very good.  Between the four of us – all ravenous on arrival – we tried almost everything on the menu. Haha!  It is located in the old Greyhound Bus Station and has a great ambiance and retro feel.

I’m no restaurant critic so take this for what it’s worth.  The Grey is GOOD.  It is not, however, one of my favorite Savannah restaurants.  I still love The Pink House and Local 11ten best of all.

I have to share this too cute plaid dress before I go.  It is from Collyn Raye and ships very quickly compared to some similar brands making the rounds on Instagram.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, y’all!



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2 thoughts on “A Savannah Christmas {Antiquing and The Grey}

  1. Oh, dear…you really do need that bowling ball!

    Thanks for the Savannah tips. The airplane seats really took me back to the days in the eighties, when they served a decent meal on real plates and half of the plane was usually empty!

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