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We spent most of Mother’s actual birthday hitting our favorite shops, with Daddy-O acting as our uber driver.  Here are our favorite and a little guide you can use to shop Savannah!

Start your day on Broughton Street in the historic district.  This is where my favorites are!

In Paris Market, be sure to get a drink and maybe even a snack.  We love the Frozen French Hot Chocolate, Lavender Tea and Water Du Jour, but since it was so cold out we opted for hot tea with honey from right next door.

Make your way across the intersection and stop in Savannah Bee Company.  Definitely do their self-guided honey tasting!  My favorites are the Tupelo Honey and Savannah Honey.  A whole honeycomb lasts forever and makes a great souvenir.

As you head down the block, make sure you stop in Le Macaron for a bite.

There are all sorts of fun stores to explore on this street alone.  Favorites include Vineyard Vines, Kate Spade and J Crew.  There is also a Lilly store but don’t find them to be too terribly friendly so I stick to Belk in Savannah and the options in Atlanta :-)

The next area to hit is Whitaker Street.  Favorites here are One Fish Two Fish, The Annex across the street and Number Four Eleven.

After Whitaker, go over to Habersham to explore the Habersham Antique Market and Picker Joe’s.

Between Mother, Sister and I, these are perennial favorites for shopping Savannah and all can be covered in an afternoon!

I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about food.  I mean, you will need some fuel for all that shopping. :-)  In the meantime, you can find ALL of my Savannah favorites here:  Delightful Savannah


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5 thoughts on “Savannah Shopping

  1. Amanda,
    I have shopped at all these stores during my stops in Savannah and love them all. One other suggestion is a vintage store around the corner from Picker Joe’s called Two Women and a Warehouse. You cant miss it just look for the big pink flamingo outside.

    P.S. Yes, to Tupelo Honey…that’s my favorite as well.

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