The Most Luxurious Thing I’ve Ever Owned

This year I did not buy my own Christmas gift.  I think it was the first time in 15 years of marriage :-)  We really focus on the kids and, let’s face it, buying my own gift ensures I get something I want and saves Honey the trouble of shopping, which is probably his number 1 most dreaded chore.  For some reason we decided to surprise each other with gifts this year and my most favorite of all – and something I never would have bought for myself in a million years – was a heated mattress pad!

When Mother and Daddy-O were in town for the December “blizzard” they kept talking about the cold.  I told them that I looked at a heated mattress pad over a year ago, just in passing.  Well, Daddy-O went on a mission to find one, had it shipped to his house, and put it on their bed the very night they returned to Savannah from Atlanta.  They raved about it.  Honey decided we needed in and purchased the exact same one for us as my Christmas gift.  I might have given the slightest side-eye when I opened a mattress pad on Christmas morning but we put it on our bed on December 26 and, I have to say, it is the most luxurious thing I have ever owned.  HA!

We all have the Sunbeam Waterproof Heated Mattress Pad from Costco.  This particular one is the only waterproof one with great reviews that Daddy-O came across.  It is not available in store but has free shipping from their site.  I *think* there was an additional $20 off back when they bought them as well, but am not sure if that promotion is still going on.

Since I know not everyone is a Costco member, I believe this is the exact same one on Amazon, however it is more expensive.

I really cannot say enough good things about it.  We love the dual controls (it seems the men prefer it up on 20 while the women like it down on low), it is comfortable to sleep on and it makes such a huge difference on these cold winter nights we have been having.  We like to sleep in a pretty chilly house because it is so much easier to breathe.  This is like having the best of both worlds!!  I turn it on to pre-heat when we go upstairs to get ready for bed.  The best part of all might just be crawling in to a toasty bed at the end of a long day!

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21 thoughts on “The Most Luxurious Thing I’ve Ever Owned

    1. It’s great! I love my electric blanket but it’s not snuggly. The only thing that may bother people with this is that the cord plugs in at the middle bottom of the mattress pad. You might kick it with your feet. We haven’t had issues with it but other reviewers have mentioned not liking it.

  1. Amanda, glad you are toasty, we have one too, we thought we would freeze to death here in Raleigh during the last cold spell. Your picture has me wondering the brand or where you got those gorgeous lamps? Love those, they are different than the usual ginger jar shape and they are substantial looking. Thanks in advance.

    1. I bought one and my sister bought one years ago at Bombay Company. I asked her if I could have hers when I finished off my bedroom a couple of years ago :-)

  2. Oh I’ve had one of these for almost two years now and it is AMAZING! It’s so nice to lay down in a warm bed. I’ve also had no issues washing mine and it’s held up great. I believe I have the same one as you.

  3. We have had one for a few years and love it!

    You can immediately throw off an electric blanket if you suddenly get hot but the mattress pad has a much softer appeal. Amanda, you are right…they are luxurious!

    Now, when are we going to see a unicorn? ;-)

  4. My husband introduced me to this concept when we started dating! He would put a heated blanket under the fitted sheet and “preheat” the bed in the winter – I was blown away! How had I lived in the northeast my entire life without knowing this “lifehack?”

    Between that and flannel sheets, we are snug as can be in the winter! :)

  5. oooh I would love this in my bed for the few months we have winter here. haha. :)

    When we went to France a few years ago the bathroom in the apartment we stayed in had a towel warmer and that was amazing too. Every time we took a shower, we had a nice hot towel to wrap ourselves in… it was amazing.

    I have always wanted one, but we have no electric outlet where it would go to plug it in, so I have never gotten one, unfortunately!

    1. Darn! And you don’t want to use an extension cord with these. I’d love to have a heated towel bar too!

  6. My mom purchased the same dual control heating pad for us a couple of years ago. She thought it might help my bad back. My husband wasn’t interested in using his side, however last week during the 16 degree cold blast here in the south he did use it for the first time and raved about it. We were really glad we had that on our bed. That towel warmer sounds wonderful also :)

  7. I have to laugh…my hubs bought me a heated mattress pad for Christmas, too! One of the moms on my son’s hockey team was raving about hers while we were freezing at the rink one day. We have the Sunbeam with the dual controls, because hubs thought he would get too hot. Turns out, I can only take the lowest level of heat! Might be my age, though!! Lol…

  8. I had to smile as I’m in the UK and we’ve had these for nearly 50 years! I always thought the US was way ahead of the Brits. It’s probably because our houses used not be heated as well as they are now. We also have heated towel bars/rails and had them for years. Can fully recommend both and once you had them, you’ll never go back.

    1. I wish we had put in heated towel bars in our master reno but we had to cut it off somewhere. :-) Our house was built in 1964 and is not well insulated!

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