Valentine’s in the Shop

I know that we are barely past Christmas and hardly into January but it’s time to think about Valentine’s!  I’ve reopened the Dixie Delights Shop and wanted to share the cards and mugs I have for the sweetest holiday of the year…

Sweet Mouse Mugs – super cute in a hot chocolate gift box for a friend, kid or teacher

Monogram mugs – we use these from Christmas through Valentine’s Day!


Sweet Mouse Cards – They come in either boy or girl versions, with the girl version being a mix of the two mouse designs.   Crazy Straws, Valentine Pencils or pretty much any other little treat would be adorable.  I attached them to the cards with glue dots  but double stick tape or even a piece of clear tape across the stick would work.  I found lollipops in bunches of 6 for $1 at Target on the Valentine aisle.  These from Amazon also look like a great option if you have a hard time finding them at Target.

And then I have a huge variety of personalized card options (also available as stickers) that can go on pretty much anything under the sun!

(Whoopee cushions from Oriental Trading)

(straws NOW at Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby, as well as on Amazon)

DSC_0108 copy

Nose Pencil Sharpeners)

DSC_0061 copy

Be sure to include all of the requested info at checkout so that your order is not delayed!

While you’re in the shop, it is a great time to go ahead and get St. Patrick’s Day tags at the same time!

As far as Valentine’s for my own kids.  Wellllll…. Uncle C gave them each a box of “Fart Bombs XL” and they have been such a huge success that they want to give them to their friends.  I’m thinking the schools would NOT appreciate that one.  HA!  But, if you are a boy mom and have embraced boy humor, I cannot recommend these enough.  :-)


Dixie Delights Shop

Nose Pencil Sharpeners  |  Crazy Straws  |  Fun Dip  |  Fart Bombs XL

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s in the Shop

  1. Hoorah! It’s the (second) most wonderful time of the year! I was hovering around the empty shelves at CVS last week, like a loony woman, as the young man was bringing in boxes! Thanks for the reassurance that I’m not entirely insane. :-)

    Those boys!! You will need some girly time with CeeCee to keep you on an even-keel!

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