Wanderlust {Jamestown}

I mentioned months ago that we are headed to Washington DC for spring break and then tacking on Colonial Williamsburg for two nights.  Y’all have been so helpful with things to do and see on our trip and, based on that, we have decided that one full day in Williamsburg will suffice and we will spend our second day in Jamestown.

For those of you that know this area or have visited with your own families, I’d love to know your thoughts on….

  • Where should we eat?
  • What do we see / do?
  • What should we skip?
  • What are your best tips?
  • What do I need to do or book in advance?

I think I have everything outlined for DC [fingers crossed the White House tour will come through; the Bureau of Printing & Engraving did not :-( ] and a good grasp on Williamsburg, thanks to all of you.  I love love love having your advise in planning our trips and then I love being able to come back and share a full trip report here on the blog!


13 thoughts on “Wanderlust {Jamestown}

  1. We go to Colonial Williamsburg every year after Christmas. We stay at the Williamsburg Lodge. You can walk to the historic distract as well as the downtown area. Try toeat at one of the taverns for dinner(make the reservations ahead of time) our favorite is Christiana Campbell’s but any of them are great. If you just want to do lunch the taverns are open but no reservations, just put your name on a list. First come first serve. I think you will enjoy it very much.
    We’re making the trip to DC this summer and taking our two grandsons 12 and 9.
    Can’t wait to hear about this trip!

    1. I made a res at Christina Campbell’s!! I will definitely share all about our trip! Thanks for the tips.

  2. Definitely eat at a tavern but also go into Merchants Square and grab a sandwich at the Cheese Shop. The house dressing is a specialty! I haven’t been to Jamestown in awhile, but I don’t think that you’ll need a day there. If you have a car, I’d leave Jamestown and drive the Colonial Parkway to Yorktown. You can walk those grounds for free. I grew up in Williamsburg, so Jamestown/Yorktown/CW was always boring to us kids, but I have a much broader appreciation for them now! The visitors Center in CW used to play a movie about growing up colonial. If they still play it, watch it. Also the witch craft trial at the courthouse (or any other trial) is a must. I’ll warn you that the benches aren’t the most comfortable, but it’s the colonial era, so that’s what they had! The night ghost tour is also fun. http://Www.theghosttour.com
    The Fat Canary in Merchants Square is also a good one and you probably won’t get in without reservations. The Trellis is known for their “death by chocolate”. Colonial Williamsburg really is a neat experience and I was excited to read you would be visiting! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  3. FBI tour is a must! Your boys will love the shooting demo. It’s pretty amazing. I’m sure others have already mentioned it. Also, the District Wharf is cool as well.

  4. My hubby grew up in Williamsburg so we go often being only a hour away in Richmond. The Cheese shop is very good and I highly recommend it. Another place on the road to Jamestown is the Chickahominy House. Their lunches are simply wonderful and their homemade pies are delicious.

    I do think you will have time to go to the Yorktown Visitors and Victory center along with Jamestown as well. They opened a beautiful new visitors center just last year.

  5. I agree with the above comment, my kids were bored in Jamestown. We walked the grounds, watched them shoot the cannons and bought the cd in the gift shop for the drive yourself tour – but the kids were looking to leave.

    We went straight to the go-karts in Williamsburg. It’s a large place with multiple tracks my boys loved it!

    Audrey (Momgenerations) recommended the go kart place and has videos of her family’s week in Williamsburg. Here’s her Jamestown day but there’s more in the series:


    Also, there’s a Blaze Pizza in Williamsburg – same as in Disney Springs. Download the App enter promo “workworkwork” for Buy one get one pizza. A cheese pie is $5.95. There’s also a buy one get one coupon in the tourist papers.

    In Colonial Williamsburg, have lunch at DOG , Duke of Gloucester Street Pub. Fantastic and the building is gorgeous. If you’re there on the weekend, there’s a farmer’s market.

    Your family would also enjoy Duck Donuts.

    I also recommend a day for Busch Gardens. It tries to be like Epcot with the countries around the world. It was the highlight of our trip.

  6. I’ve been reading your blog for years because you remind me so much of my own mother. I have lived in Washington for almost 20 years and happy to provide the locals perspective after many a family trip with young cousins. Just let me know.

  7. We went to DC in October. The weather was fantastic and no crowds! We did the Capitol tour (ask your congressman for a floor tour then you can watch congress in action), FBI tour, White House tour got cancelled at the last minute (Boo! They literally emailed me Thursday night that we had a tour on Friday, and Friday morning, they cancelled it!), and we did the Pentagon tour, along with other things we didn’t need reservations for. Hands down, my family’s favorite was the Pentagon tour. (Mallory 13, Jack 11) We rented bikes and road over to Georgetown one day too. Founding Farmers for brunch is a must!!

    1. I love the idea of biking to Georgetown! It is on our list. I will have to look into the Pentagon tour. That wasn’t even on our radar.

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