A Simple Rose Gal-entine

Trader Joe’s carries the cutest mini cans of white and rose wine.  I picked up a few last summer for the beach and thought they were pretty good.  (Mind you, I have zero taste or credentials in rating wines – my fave red is $8 at Costco).  When I was shopping last week, I came across them in stock for the first time in a while .  They were sitting there so pretty and pink that I couldn’t resist getting them to hand out as gal-entines to the mamas at the bus stop!

I carefully looped a single strand of ribbon through the pop-tab on the can and then tied on a few more ribbons and a tag from there.  I think they turned out so cute!  The tags are from the Dixie Delights Shop (now closed for Valentine’s orders) and the wine is $5 for a 4 pack at Trader Joe’s.

Speaking of the shop, Mother does have a few Valentine’s bracelets for this year.  They are so cute stacked with last year’s or alone.  And she left off the pink so that they can be used at July 4th and Christmas too!

I hope your week is off to a sweet start.  Back in the fall I somehow thought making “well visit” check-ups for the boys and myself in February would be a great idea.  I had mine yesterday and felt like a crazy person going to extreme extremes not to touch anything or even breathe for that matter.  Now I’m looking forward to the same rigmarole with the boys today.  I think next year I’ll make them all for summer.


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8 thoughts on “A Simple Rose Gal-entine

  1. So adorable! I’ll send you my address! ?

    Oh, I hope you’re able to avoid the germs! And, I hope today goes well… I remember the doctors’ appointments of yore. ? xoxo

    1. Hey, we made improvements this year. Everyone had on underwear! Of course… I still “never give them vitamins and let them have cookies for breakfast”. Hmmmmmmm

  2. Know what you mean about February trips to the doctor’s office. I had my well visit today and was freaked out about touching the elevator buttons, door handles, magazines, and even pulled my own pen out of my purse to sign in! Luckily, there was no one in the waiting room and I was in and out of there quickly. The receptionist did say they expect the flu season to last through March or April! Frequent hand washing remains the best prevention.

    1. Ugh! Right?! Taking the boys was a whole different ball game. As soon as I say “don’t touch anything” Whit has fallen on the floor of the waiting room.

      1. LOL. I couldn’t believe it the other day when my germaphobic grandson picked up some change from a public bathroom floor. He thought it was okay because he washed his hands afterwards. I asked did he wash the money also? No, he just put it in his pocket. Ugh!

      2. I bought a cheap package of latex gloves at WalMart and use them for everything while I’m out, especially pumping gas or putting hands on the grocery cart. Then “voile” just pull them off at home and discard.

        1. I need to replenish mine. I use them for raw meat and polishing silver, etc. But my mom and I are taking the boys on a cruise in a few weeks and I was just wondering to myself last night if using these at buffet lines would be odd. :-)

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