Man Day

After a brief hiatus (that I will never live down), Man Day was back in 2018.  If you’re new here, Man Day was invented by our dear friends and former next door neighbors.   It happens on Super Bowl Sunday and consists of the man of the house sleeping in, watching pre-game stuff, gorging on junk food, taking an afternoon nap and then watching the big game.   I do realize this isn’t all that different from any other Sunday afternoon but Honey loves it and it does give him a slight reprieve from what he affectionately calls “the gauntlet”  (Christmas, Valentine’s Day and my birthday all within 10 weeks.)

This year I teamed up with bestie S… the girl that started it all years ago when we were neighbors.  When rain thwarted our plans to send them to the driving range, we put together an appetizer buffet for the guys in their basement and they spent the afternoon watching pre-game stuff.  It was a lot of fun to cook, chat and catch up with her while we got things ready.

Meanwhile, I took John to a lacrosse game in the rain and cold :-)  I got home just in time to prepare another round of appetizers for a Super Bowl shin dig in the neighborhood!  I made the loaded chips and pepperoni bread shared on Friday.

Honey and John stayed out to finish the game but I talked Whit into coming home with me after half time.  I cannot wait to put on my show and call it a day :-)


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6 thoughts on “Man Day

  1. tell me about that cute football dish! pfaltzgraff has some great football-shaped app plates (and matching bowl) 50% off right now that i ordered for next season. i meant to text you about them! :)

    1. The silver ones are by Hollybelle and I’ve had them for 15 years! The little dish was from Hobby Lobby, I think, but I’ve had it for ages too. I need to go look at the ones you got!!

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