Celebrating Sweet Sixteen {Historic Roswell Date Night}

We celebrated sixteen sweet years of marriage today!  I am so thankful for this man and the life we’ve built together.

We are always looking for fun and different ways to celebrate pretty much anything and our anniversary was no exception.  We tossed around about 100 ideas in the last couple of weeks – everything from glass blowing (sold out, lol) to a family night out at the Braves – but nothing really got us excited.  When we were over in historic Roswell for his birthday earlier in the week, we were walking to his car and I spied a place that looked kinda fun and interesting down an alley way.  We drove around the block a few times to figure out what it was and knew then and there we had found our perfect sweet sixteen date night.

We spent much of our evening at Gate City Brewing.  This craft brewery in the heart of historic Roswell resides in what used to be two mechanic shops.  The garage doors open wide at night and guests flood in to picnic tables with dogs and a stray kid here and there.  They have board games and lawn games and live music on the weekends and the atmosphere was fantastic.  We arrived around 7:30 and started with beer flights, made some new friends, caught up with some old friends that happened to be there and had a pretty grand time.

There are a few (and I mean few) bar snacks available, but never fear.  We picked up some dinner from the TRMV (The Real Mexican Vittles) taco stand set up in the lot behind the brewery for the evening.

We kept an eye on the time because we also laid eye on Butter & Cream earlier in the week and knew it would be sweet end to our sweet sixteen.   We were the last customers in the door at 10:58 PM and sat outside at another picnic for a good long while enjoying the night, the company and the absolutely divine Cashew Creme Brûlée and Butterscotch Brownie ice creams.

It was a spontaneous and memorable night and one we look forward to recreating in the near future!  Ironically, as long as it took us to figure out what to do for 16 we already have plans for 17.  Stay tuned <3

Happy anniversary, Honey!


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  1. how fun! the craft beer scene is huge in florida and we have several breweries near us! such a great way to spend kid-less time. happy anniversary, you two!

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