Mother’s Day

I was so, so happy to get to spend this Mother’s Day with my mom and my sis.  We didn’t have any big, fancy plans.  The kids played in the yard, the guys grilled and we just hung out.  It was perfect.

I dug up some old “mom” pics to share today.  This was at Sister’s Bridesmaid Luncheon… (2003)

Mother and her sister and mother… (1950s – she is the little one)


And finally, with my boys… (2009)

I read something today that I loved.  In essence, it was thanking the village of women that go into raising any single child.  I don’t remember the specifics (or even what page I saw it on), but here is my version…  Thank you to the “moms” that have helped get my kid to practice, that wiped a runny nose, that had them over to play, that watched one in the pool while I rushed the other to the bathroom, that coached them on the field and gave them a fist bump when they ran off, that sent me a picture of one because I was with the other at his event, that got them from the bus stop because I was stuck in Atlanta traffic, that celebrated their accomplishments, that cheered for them at game, performance or show, that shared a snack with them when I forgot, that left a surprise on our door step when they knew one had a rough day, that consoled them when upset, and on and on and on and on.  I am so thankful for all the “moms” in the lives of my kids.

I hope that all of you enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day.  My heart goes out to those that walked today without their own mother, or without their child.  I know days like this can be particularly hard.  <3


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6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Okay. Just stop it right now and let’s chat about your mother’s silk suit with those flowers!!! Oh. My. Goodness! She looks gorgeous and that’s a beautiful photo of the three of you. I love Sister’s wedding colors and would love to see her in her bridal gown. :-)

    1. Yes, her suit was so pretty! She wore it to my wedding and then to Sister’s luncheon less than a year later. We were married 50 weeks apart :-) She was a beautiful bride. I’ll have to find some pics.

  2. Those must have been two busy years! I think we would all be absolutely thrilled to see a few photos and details about both of your weddings, although one can certainly understand that those are precious and private events…bu maybe just a few? ** wink wink ** XOXO

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