A Popsicle & Lemonade Stand for the Cats

Whit and cousin Jay are signed up to volunteer at our local cat rescue and decided to have a fundraiser to be able to make a donation in addition to their volunteer time!  I sprung for the supplies and we set up a cute table out on the corner to attract buyers.  Of course, CeeCee was right in the thick of things as well.  She was quite adept and flagging down cars.  :-)

The “tablecloth” is actually just a beach blanket I bought at the Lilly after party sale.  It was probably a gift with purchase at one point, but those items often make it to the sales.  I got a lot of questions about it on Instagram!  The darling popsicles sign is handmade by the sweetest mom on Instagram – makeitmomma.  I love her creativity and find her to be inspiring every single day!

After HOURS of hard work in what had to be the hottest day of summer, they ended up raising $48.50 to donate to the cat rescue.  I threw in an additional $1.50 to get them to an even $50!!!  One kind neighbor thought they were working so hard that he gave them an extra $20 to have a celebratory lunch at McDonald’s (he specified) on him.  They thought they had hit the lotto!

My family has always been fond of cats.  Sister and I both married men with severe allergies and once the cats we “came with” passed, we didn’t add more.  Mother and Daddy-O dote on their rescue “Watson”, and the grands all love him to pieces.  Just back from Savannah and visiting said cat, I think that is what inspired this whole volunteer gig and fundraiser… we owe it all to Watson.

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend!


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3 thoughts on “A Popsicle & Lemonade Stand for the Cats

  1. You might want to consider getting a Devon Rex cat. My husband has sever allergies as well, and this breed does not bother allergies at all. They also do not shed!! :-) They are a very lovable and affectionate breed. I am so thrilled you are donating to the cat shelter!!!

  2. Congratulations to all three! They have such big hearts and this is touching. The cats at the shelter surely loved spending time with them. How precious!

    Nothing says summer more than a cold refreshment stand on a hot day and I would LOVE to “Stop at Watson’s Pops”!!??????? Great job!

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