Back to School {Busses and Apples and Teachers, Oh My!}

We go back to school quite early here in Georgia, but it still hurts to admit that our door hangers are out, school supplies have been purchased, back packs are ready, we’ve met teachers and summer has come to a close.

Both the bus and the apple (below) are from Bronwyn Hanahan on etsy.  As y’all know, I love her pieces for every season and occasion!

The bus is my favorite, but I also adore the happy red apple on the side door.  I usually leave this one up until Halloween goes out in October.

For those of you heading back like us, I hope that your transition from summer goes smoothly.  And, for those of you with weeks of summer still ahead of you… I envy you :-)

Now, to start on dinner, prep lunches, and set the alarm clocks.  Oy!

School Days


7 thoughts on “Back to School {Busses and Apples and Teachers, Oh My!}

  1. It does come around so fast, doesn’t it?! The local district starts tomorrow; thankfully, we have a little more time and start on the 13th.

    Hope the school year gets off to a smashing start and everyone has a great year! xo

  2. Noooo!! That’s way too soon! I am back to working full time, and my daughter recently graduated college, but I’ll forever miss those wonderful, lazy summer days. The last day of the school year was always my favorite day! I hope your boys have a great year!

    1. I feel the same way!! I love summer and having them home and the last day of school is always my favorite. When I was working at Coke I always took the day off to be here. <3

  3. Its really hard to believe that tomorrow is August 1st already! Although school doesn’t start in my area (Central VA) until after Labor Day the kids go longer until mid-June. However, one school in my county is trying year-round schooling this year. I foresee other schools following their lead if this is a success.

    1. I think it all evens out as well. Even when I was a kid school was 180 days. It’s just served up differently. They do go back early, but we get week long breaks throughout the school year that always prove to be beneficial for the kids and teachers alike. I was still sad to see them go today but we are already looking forward to a long labor day weekend and a full week off in late September! Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

      1. Yes. We have like 12 weeks of summer but very short spring break and week at Christmas . I’d prefer something closer to what you have. 12 weeks of time to fill or a lot of $ childcare. School year is too long.

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