Independence Day Parade

Since we were in Savannah last year for the holiday, we were so excited to pick back up on old traditions at home this year.  And July 4th is the biggest holiday of the year in our neck of the woods!!

We couldn’t get John out of bed for the morning parade, but Whit was excited to help get Elsa ready and for the two of them to enter the “scooter division”.


There were divisions for scooters, bikes, wagons, strollers, motorized cars and golf carts!

This baby had the BEST time!

It was such a small town America way to kick off the holiday!

Afterwards was a neighborhood pool party, but we headed over to bestie M’s for a cookout and swimming!!

Have a very happy and safe Fourth!!!!  Happy Birthday, America!!!!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Independence Day Parade

  1. Such beautiful, happy photos Amanda and how gorgeous that Miss Ella can join in the parade. I wonder if her human ‘brother’ has tried to teach her yet how to ride a scooter? Our little fur baby likes to turn on our robot vacuum cleaner to hear the “voice” and then she promptly turns it off again, all with deft paw swipes! LOL! We’re hanging out for the day she learns to ride it like some cats we’ve seen on YouTube ?.

    1. Haha! We saw a little poodle riding a mini scooter in the big Apple circus but haven’t tried teaching Elsa.

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