Summer in Savannah {Artillery Bar + The Pink House Date Night}

With Honey in town for a few days, Mother took the grands so the four “kids” could enjoy an evening in town to celebrate Sister’s birthday!

Our first stop was Artillery Bar and it is SO great!!  It is located in the historic district and has wonderful ambiance, an extensive and fabulous hand crafted cocktail menu, great music and excellent service.  Oh, and a cocktail button for your booth!!

Derived from the Georgia Hussar’s colorful military history and erected in 1896 on the lot that occupies the eastern half of lots 3, 4, and 5 of Jasper Ward behind the Fay House, Artillery gives subtle references to the history of the site; from details inspired by the volunteer militia group of mounted rangers that built it to the many retailers and businesses that occupied the building over the course of the past century. Artillery is located where the Georgia Hussars’ armory once housed the cavalry’s artillery.

Cheers to 40 years!

After dinner we headed to our family favorite since…. forever – The Olde Pink House.  If you only had one night to dine in Savannah, this would be my recommendation.

We ate here the night we were engaged!  And so many times since for so many birthdays and anniversaries!

It is always a fun night when the four of us are together.  I’m sure my old times know this, but Honey and Sister’s husband were fraternity brothers at Georgia Tech!  Happy almost birthday Sister!

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7 thoughts on “Summer in Savannah {Artillery Bar + The Pink House Date Night}

    1. I feel like I’ve shared that tidbit but it’s been a long time. He’s just “family” now, not a “SAE” or “pledge brother”. :-)

  1. I love the Pink House ( although the basement bar is a little creepy)! Definitely trying the Artillery Bar the next time we are in town.

  2. I never knew they were fraternity brothers, either!

    What a fun way to celebrate 40. Happy Birthday, Sister! xo

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