Summer in Savannah {Favorite Downtown Shopping for Sister’s Big 4-0}

We were so excited to spend the day with Sister celebrating her big 4-0!  Like most birthdays in the family, things kicked off with birthday donuts.  My brother in law also made us candied bacon!!

After a leisurely breakfast on the porch, we headed in town for shopping and dinner.  CeeCee was the first one ready.

Our first stop was Satchel where she picked out a new bag as a gift from her kids!!  They do have a small collection in stock, but you can design a completely custom bag also which is what she did.  I have loved these bags for a long time and cannot wait to see hers when it comes in!  (4-6 weeks)

She chose a different tote style from these, but similar in size to the one on the left.  She went with the gold metallic hyde which is also similar to this bag (this one is silver).  She also went with the darker leather handles.  It is going to be stunning!

We also spent a long time perusing The Paris Market.  It is our long-time favorite and just never know what you might find.

We had a snack here in the  cafe.  Our favorites are the french seltzers, lavender tea, water du jour and frozen hot chocolate.  We all had a raspberry seltzer.  For treats, we love the iced cookies (from Two Smart Cookies, so good!), macaroons (from Maison de Macaroon), key lime coolers (from Byrd’s) and chocolate chewy cookies (an old Savannah favorite from Gottlieb’s) and we ended up with all of the above between us.  Now that I think about it, this might be a collection of Savannah’s best desserts!  They are only missing the praline from River Street Sweets.

After a few more shops, we spent a long time just walking the historic district and marveling over the little courtyards and gardens.  If I could choose a street to live on in the historic district, it would be Jones Street.

We picked up Japanese to go and ate it back at the beach house.  And, we made it down to the South end to see the sunset.

Happy Birthday, Sister!!

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