Adventures by Disney {Germany Day 4: Nuremberg & Rothenburg}

Day 4 on the Adventures by Disney Germany itinerary brought our last morning in Munich, a visit to Nuremberg and the start to our stay in Rothenburg!


We enjoyed our very last breakfast at the Hotel VierJahreszeiten Kempinski München  and bid farewell to Munich.  The Kempinski is a Virtuoso hotel and we very much enjoyed our stay here.  We were treated very well and will absolutely miss them!


We boarded our motor coach and were on our way to Nuremberg right after breakfast.  I want to mention that all we had to do was leave our packed bag tagged and outside of our room before heading to eat.  Tinkerbell sprinkles her pixie dust on all the luggage when moving from one city to the next on every Adventures by Disney trip.  It was so nice to worry about hauling around our stuff!

We took the (slow lane) on the Autobahn and arrived after a relaxing ride.  This idyllic town was the first thing we saw stepping into historic Nuremberg.  The town was severely damaged by WWII and then meticulously restored to its old world beauty and charm.


We met our step on guide first for the Nuremberg Courthouse visit where 21 Nazi leaders were tried for their crimes against humanity.  I love how Disney crafted an itinerary that literally walks us through history.


Next, we took to the quaint cobblestone streets for a walking history and culinary tour of Nuremberg.   We started with pretzels with butter…

enjoyed the local Altstadthof beer and hops, which you eat like peanuts…

… and dined on the delicious Nuremberg sausages and potatoes (I kid you not – I bought a specialty packaged and preserved can to bring home to share with the boys!)

… and ended our tour with a sweet and delicious authentic gingerbread cookie!

During our tour, we also learned about the fascinating history of the city.  One of my favorite parts was a tour of the Underground Art Bunker.  This network of underground caves and pathways was originally built in the 15th century to store beer, but was used during WWII to store valuable art.  This is the actual safe where the Imperial regalia was hidden during the war!

During our free time in Nuremburg, we enjoyed some ice cream, and toured the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady), and made a wish at the “Beautiful Fountain.”


It was HOT in Nuremberg and we were happy to sit back, relax and watch cartoons on the bus for our journey to Rothenburg.  As always, our guides came up and down the aisles with water and treats, and talked a bit about what we’d see next.

After having seen so many picturesque places in the last three days, I couldn’t imagine it getting even better.  Rothenburg, a northern Bavarian village, was almost unbelievable.  It’s half-timbered houses, window boxes and cobblestone roads make it seem straight out of a fairy tale. In fact, it was the inspiration for Pinocchio’s village in the 1940 Disney animated classic Pinocchio!


Our home for the next two nights is the Hotel Eisenhut, and we were happy to see that our luggage magically appeared in our room.  The Hotel Eisenhut is composed of four 16th-century mansions that were once the homes of Rothenburg’s wealthiest families. I’ll be very honest when I say that it is definitely “historic”.  There is no air conditioning and the decor left me feeling spoiled in Munich.  On the flip side, it is extremely spacious and the location can’t be beat!


We had the afternoon and evening to explore Rothenburg on our own.  Kaleigh and I did a good deal of walking and ended with a delicious dinner at Reichskuchenmeister!


Our first night in Rothenburg culminated with a private twilight tour with a Night Watchman.  He led us by the light of a lantern down the town’s ancient cobblestone lanes and regaled us with the towns tales, secrets, history and humor.  It was a wonderful experience and a great way to spend the first night.  To give you perspective, we have about 30 in our group and our tour was the perfect size.  We saw the public tour and it had about 75!

When we arrived back at the hotel, our guides surprised us with mini champagne bottles and local soda for the kids!  It was a hot night and a wonderful way to bid us guten abend.


Our Disney pin for today was Minnie Mouse with the Romantic Road.  So cute!


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We have a full day in Rothenburg on the itinerary for tomorrow!


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  1. Rothenburg was one of our favorite stops in Germany on our trip several years back. I never knew there was a Disney connection. Love reading your travel blog posts. And how exciting about all of the bathroom progress going on at home.

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