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As a bit of a follow up to last week’s adult dining on Disney Cruise Line post, Honey and I put a lot of hard work in on our last few cruises to bring you our favorite adult activities to do at night in The District.  :-)

The District on The Disney Dream

The District is an adults-only area aboard the Disney Dream.  We love to see the show after dinner (with or without the kids depending on the night) and then head to The District for shows, games, cocktails and a  night of adult-only fun!

The District is home to a variety of distinct lounges and nightclubs, including Pub 687, District Lounge, Pink, Evolution and Skyline.

District Lounge

District Lounge is located right inside the entrance to The District.  This one isn’t our favorite.  Keep moving right along to the better options.


Now, Pink IS a favorite.  Designed to look like the inside of a champagne bottle, there is elegant drapery, cool marble and polished-wood, with sculpted light fixtures reminiscent of Champagne flutes and back-lit glass “bubbles.”  This stylish lounge serves Champagne, Champagne cocktails, sparkling wines—plus mixed drinks, single-malt whiskeys and cognac.  My two favorites are the Taittinger Prestige Rose (Pink’s signature) and the Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial (the only Champagne created to be served over ice).  My favorite specialty cocktail is champagne served with a popsicle!

Tip: Look at the glittering walls: you can see the famous pink elephants from the beloved Disney film Dumbo dancing as you top off the evening with a Champagne toast!


Evolution is home to most of our favorite adult activities at night, and I will get to those later.  Our collective favorite cocktail here is the mojito.  If you’re just looking for a drink though, head elsewhere as I don’t find the atmosphere in here to be anything special.

My favorite drink here is the “Paris 75” with Grey Goose Citron Vodka, peach schnapps, blue curacao, pineapple juice, and a sugared rim.


687 is a sports bar and a favorite for both of us.  There are many tvs (with live sports), leather-upholstered club chairs, bar stools and banquettes tucked away with their own tvs.  We both love that there are tons of board games and game tables to enjoy.  While there is an extensive selection of international and domestic beers, 687’s signature red lager is named 687 :-)  We also love the popular “beercktail” (beer cocktail) called the Baha Fog which adds a shot of tequila to a lime-rimmed frosted glass of Corona beer.

Did you know? 687 refers to the vessel number assigned by the shipyard and denoted on every piece of steel used to build the magnificent Disney Dream.

Our Favorite Adult Activities in The District

We’ve cruised many times on the Dream and have tried a lot of things!  Our kids never want to leave the kids clubs in the evenings before closing time so we’ve had plenty of time to explore.  If it’s not listed here, it’s because we didn’t love it not because we didn’t do it.  :-)  Note that every activity is not offered every night.  We go through the Navigator App on the first day and “Favorite” these so that we don’t miss them.

Sports & Board Games in 687

Since 687 is fresh on the mind, one of our favorite after-show activities is to grab a table in 687.  Honey catches up on some sports and we play a board game.  This one was particularly memorable to us because the instructions were missing and we had to make up our own.  It was a lot of fun!

Dream Quest

Dream Quest is always in Evolution.  It is billed as a scavenger hunt but isn’t quite what you’d expect.  It is fast paced and entertaining.  Each team is given a Dream Quest sign with a number on the back.  The host will say bring me a cell phone, for example.  Well, since many people aren’t carrying their phone – or much at all – around on the ship with them, you are supposed to get really creative.  So… hold your hand up like a phone and pretend to talk on it.  Take your shoe off and use it as a phone.  etc.  The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.


Snippets is also located in Evolution.  For this one, the room is divided into two teams.  Each team has 3 “players”, but the whole room participates.  The host plays a snippet of a song.  The designated players can either push the button right away if they know it, or run around their side of the room quickly to consult on the answer.  You don’t want to yell it out or the other team will hear.  Again, the team with the most points at the end wins.  These are fun songs, by the way, from all decades and genres.

80’s Music Challenge

80’s Music Challenge is one of our favorites.  Again, the room is divided into two teams.  The host plays a bit of a song from the 80s, but this time each team is taking a turn (not competing to answer first).  The leader for each team runs around the room and gathers a consensus on the song and artist.  Once that is correct, the team must dance to the song.  Huge points are given out here for participation and creativity.  We’ve done this one many times and even Honey, who normally won’t be caught dead on a dance floor, gets into it.  (I think there is something about never seeing these people again involved…)  We’ve done thriller, huge conga lines that went all around the district and SO much more.  It sounds cheesy, and it is.  But it is also a lot of fun.

Majority Rules

This one is is right up there with 80’s Music Challenge as far as our favorite.  For Majority Rules, everyone makes their own team and team name.  Honey and I play just the two of us.  The host will ask a question like “what is the worst song ever?” or “who is the best looking male on the planet?”  Each team has about a minute to write down their answer and turn it in to the host.  The host quickly divides the answers up into piles and the majority wins!  ie. Gangem Style.  Every team that put that answer gets a point and the team with the most points wins.  The host will share some of the most unique or funniest answers too.  We always enjoy this game!


I’ve talked about Mixology before and it is one of our overall family favorites.  We always go with Daddy-O, Mother, Sister and her mister.  This one is not at night, rather in the afternoon, and you do need to sign up in advance and pay a nominal fee to participate.

The Mixologists in Skyline lounge teach you how to make 4-5 full sized, unique cocktails.  We love it!

TIP: It is very hard to score a reservation for this when pre-booking online.  We have ALWAYS signed up when we board the ship and have never been denied.  Just do it as soon as you get on!  Only one person in your party needs to go.

Animation Class

A personal favorite of mine, although the rest of the family usually declines the invite, is the evening Animation Class.  I like the evening class in particular because there are less kids.  :-)  A cast member teaches you how to draw a character (this night we did Goofy) and at the end of the experience, Goofy comes to life!!  He walks for table to table to say hello and check out your art work.

With the exception of Mixology, everything shared here is included in the price of your trip!  After writing this post I’m itching to go on another Disney Cruise.  Our next one isn’t planned for a couple of years.

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