A 10th Birthday Treat

I love carrying in special birthday treats to school.  I’ve come up with some fun things over the years, but I think number 10 is one of my very favorites!  This year I packaged up treats to make the number 1-0 and they were a huge hit with Whit’s class.

These were really, really easy no-bake treats.  I used chocolate covered HoHos and mini donuts to make the 10.  Because of my type-a personality pitfalls, I was really bothered that the height of a full length Hoho is longer than a mini donut.  So, I did what any reasonable (lol) person would do and I carefully cut down the Hohos to size using a serrated knife.  I packaged them in cello bags and tied with bakers twine.  I personally would not eat either of these items (I have my vices, of which Hostess cakes are not included), but the kids were not quite so discerning.  Ha!  

I’m thinking number 11 can be even easier with two HoHos side by side.  :-)


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One thought on “A 10th Birthday Treat

  1. I LOVE that Isaiah’s birthday is right after Whit’s so I can ‘borrow’ all your great ideas – thanks for taking the pressure off a little every year!!! The BB8 one was a HUGE favorite around here!

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