Celebrating 10 and 13

We had a whirlwind weekend celebrating BOTH boys birthdays. 

Friday night Whit and friends enjoyed a HUGE pizza, video games, nurf battles, Home Alone, a FIRST sleepover and festive donuts.  They were so sweet and a joy to have for the night.  (Until they were all up at 6:20 AM.  haha)

Saturday night and it was John’s turn.  His crew went to a local trampoline park, played basketball outside and listened to their music rather loudly :-), spent time on video games and watched a movie that I can’t recall the name of.  They also dined on pizza, and John chose his favorite double doozies in lieu of cake.  Unlike the younger boys, I had to wake this crew up at 9:20 AM to have time to feed them before sending them home.  I was so impressed with how polite and well mannered these kids were.  Mamas, you’re doing it right!

Many people thought we were crazy for doing these back to back, but the way our busy holiday calendar lined up left exactly TWO free nights for parties.  It was tiring, but I love seeing my kids interact with their friends and I love having a house full.  


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4 thoughts on “Celebrating 10 and 13

  1. I think doing the parties back to back is a FAB idea! We often do the same thing, with boys’ birthdays just 3 weeks apart!

    Such fun years to celebrate – hope TEN and THIRTEEN are the best years yet! xo

  2. Love the donuts! Where do you get them in Atlanta?
    Double Doozies also a clever idea instead of a cake. That’s my kinda celebration!

  3. Oh Amanda…I LOVE seeing what your family is up to. Oh to have my boys that young again even if for a day…read today’s post with a tear in my eye.

    My boys are six weeks on either side of Christmas…so those parties could get the pre-Christmas going or the post holiday energy re-started:)

    Have a wonderful holiday season with your family. Enjoy all these little special things you do for them every single day. They grow up so fast.

  4. Happy belated birthday, John! Your trip to New York City looked fabulous and you did a terrific job selecting your travel to-do list of “The City!”

    Have a great year ahead as a teenager.
    You have a very bright and fun future ahead….especially in the Jeep!

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