CeeCee’s Nutcracker Birthday Party

I am so exited to share CeeCee’s 6th Birthday party today. She loved her role in the Nutcracker so much that she asked to have her party with a theme to match. Once again, Sister did a spectacular job bringing this party to life. A party like this would have been a dream come true for me as a little girl. (Or as an adult… who am I kidding?!)

She set a long, child sized table with a beautiful palette of ballet pink, cream, gold and pale gray blue. Mounds of snow ran down the center.

She had the centerpieces made on etsy from graphics also bought on etsy. I don’t have either source right now, but if interested, please just ask in the comments and I’ll bribe Sister with dinner to answer all of them. :-)

The cake was just beautiful. She had the plain white, two tiered cake (one chocolate and one strawberry layer per CeeCee) made on a wood base and added the fresh flowers herself. We both love to use a big canvas behind our cakes at parties, and usually just repaint the same one over and over. She saved a few trees from her Christmas decor to put here as well. Finally, the cake topper was from the same etsy shops as the centerpieces. All of these images were also on the invitations.

She used the other half of the room as a dance floor. With Nutcracker music playing, it was so sweet to watch all of the girls pirouette and grand jete across the floor.

A family friend just so happens to be a professional ballerina, and Sister hired her to come dance the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Since CeeCee also invited the boys in her class, the Mouse King came too!

Afterwards the Sugar Plum taught the girls (no boy takers) a short ballet lesson. Meanwhile, the Mouse King dazzled the boys and let them try on his moues head! Afterwards they took pictures with the kids.

Sister served a variety of kid friendly fare, including grilled cheese strips, fruit skewers, turkey roll ups, cheese straws and, of course, cake!

The adorable party favors were white mice (Ikea), Little Golden Books of The Nutcracker story, and iced cookies.

John had to leave early for a basketball playoff game, but CeeCee was over the moon to have him there, even if just for a little while. You can see it on her face!

And, as beautiful as the party pictures are, these outakes after all of the guests had left are my favorites. I walked up and found these two (crazy) besties showing CeeCee what the Sugar Plum and Mouse King “actually” looked like. She was not pleased that they had taken her crown and bun head thing, but managed to pull her self together for a photo bomb. :-)

Happy 6th Birthday CeeCee! You are beautiful inside and out. I am so, so thankful that I get to be your Aunchie. God shined his light on our family the day you were born. <3

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If you have any specific questions about sources, feel free to ask in the comments. Here are the ones I have gathered so far:

Nutcracker Little Golden Book

CeeCee’s Pink Tutu

CeeCee’s Fur Wrap with Snowflake Brooch

CeeCee’s Tiara

Bun Maker

Nutcracker Clipart Set

Wood cake base – Michael’s


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6 thoughts on “CeeCee’s Nutcracker Birthday Party

  1. How sweet and positively precious!

    How has it been 6 years already? Happy Birthday, CeeCee – hope SIX is the best year yet! xo

  2. I. CAN’T. TAKE. IT!!!!
    What a fun and gorgeous way to start my day!! Thank you so much for sharing this! Sister, you’ve outdone yourself again and I don’t know where to start! It’s ALL perfect and your favors are the best EVER! (I’m just curious where you used the snowflakes…but mainly trying to figure out how I can become best friends with Cee Cee so I can come to her parties!)😄
    (I can’t believe my eyes that John has grown into such a young man and I hope Jay and Whit never grow up!
    XOXO to the whole family! 🤗💘❄💖
    This was spectacular!!!

  3. You girls always throw the best parties! I just LOVE all the ideas! What memories you are making with the children! The kids will talk about the parties as they grow older!! Memories are what life is all about! Great job!!

  4. What an absolutely amazing 6th birthday party for your niece CeeCee! Looks like a super fun time was had by all!! Birthday wishes to CeeCee!!

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