Family Valentine’s Dinner

With a crazy week ahead, we turned our usual Sunday Supper into a family Valentine’s Dinner. I set the table with all things pink and red for the occasion.

I found the pink tulips at Publix for $6.99 and just love how cheerful they have been this week with our dreary weather. I placed them in a soup tureen and filled it with some tissue. I think moss would have been lovely, but I was going with what I had on hand.

We received the pink placemats and napkins as shower gifts back in the day. The heart plates are plastic but I figured mixing crystal, sterling and china with Target plates from when the kids were little was just fine.

I’ve had these small footed dessert cloches for years. When I posted on Instagram I got a ton of questions looking for the source. I honestly don’t remember but if I have time I’ll dig back through old posts to see if I shared that previously. I *think* they were Pottery Barn.

I’m pretty choosy about desserts but have never been able to resist a funfetti cupcake. HAHA! Anyone else?

Whit happened to be in the room when I was making our grocery list and meal planning so he was the lucky one that got to choose the meal. He picked “fettuccine noodles with spaghetti sauce!” So simple, but so good.

I hope that you and yours enjoy a lovely Valentine’s. Do you celebrate at home or go out? We don’t really have a rule or tradition here – some years we cook a huge yummy meal at home and some years we dine out.

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7 thoughts on “Family Valentine’s Dinner

  1. What a lovely table! We normally eat in on Valentine’s Day, since before we even had children. Much more enjoyable! xo

  2. I love the heart plates with the fine china- that is “real life” when you have kids, big or little! We usually stay home and cook our favorites…although my little guy is trying to convince us to order heart-shaped pizza this year! Either way, it’s really just about being together with all our Valentines.

  3. So lovely. How special for all those special men in your life.

    We are having dinner at home…restaurants just can’t always pull off their “A” game on special holidays like this. So many people…can’t imagine how they do what they do.
    Besides, being snowed in here in Minnesota…good night for a fire and quiet.

    Saturday will be our big day of celebration. Our boys are coming home from grad school to surprise their grandmother for her 90th birthday…shhhh don’t tell anyone:) Our oldest shares her birthday and this will be the first time we will be able to celebrate his birthday with him on his actual birthday since he left for college in 2008. Makes for an extra special night.

  4. Your tablescape is gorgeous and I do the same thing, adding my plastic plates to my Wedgwood! Mine are from when my friend’s daughter was little and I always had a valentine making party for her and her friends. They came all the way into high school age.❤💖❤
    We always stay home and have steamed Maine lobster tails and I just got home with tulips. 🌷🌷🌷🌷
    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!💖🌷

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