Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m not going to lie, much of Valentine’s Day went off like every other day. Haha! Whit did enjoy festivities at school but for the rest of us it was business as usual. In addition to the usual work and carpool duties, my monthly volunteer shift up in the middle school front office was today so I took in little bunches of flowers for the two I interact with the most. <3

Later in the night the boys were really happy with a Papa John’s heart shaped pizza…

… while Honey and I enjoyed a nice dinner out!

I gave him another man crate, since they were such a huge hit at Christmas (and I got this one half off when I ordered the last one, ha)!! This one had a bloody mary theme, complete with pepperoni straws.

This February 14th marked 21 years of Valentine’s Days with this man. <3

I hope that you and yours enjoyed a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. This year will be 44 Valentines for us! Last night after a grueling 2 hour commute home we went to that super romantic Mexican restaurant, Taco Bell! However, the best gift I have received is the birth of my daughter on Valentine’s Day!

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