Have a Colorful Valentine’s Day

When I was unpacking the one, sole Valentine’s tub, I realized that I had a whole stack of these “have a colorful Valentine’s day” left over from last year. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Whit was completely on board with using these tags again and giving his class colorful pencils with fun eraser tops.

I get messages from you every now and then asking about my etsy shop. I keep thinking I’ll bring it back, but then life picks up to a crazy pace again. Maybe I’ll do a Christmas in July :-)

His little mail box is ready and he’s so excited about the big exchange tomorrow! Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!!

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2 thoughts on “Have a Colorful Valentine’s Day

    1. As the coffee filled my valentine mug this morning, I thought of your shop and how I long for new designs, although Miss Mouse is still delightful!

      Please, oh, please bring it back with your mother, even for July. 😚 I have a long list!

      Have a lovely day with your precious family, Amanda. You’re a true sweetheart!

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