Heart Attack {Valentine’s Love Notes}

I’ve been sharing our Valentine’s “Heart Attack” since 2012 here on the blog, and it is one that never gets old. You really only need paper and something to write with, and it takes just a few minutes of time each day.

Some years I stick love notes all over the boys’ doors to wake up to on Valentine’s Day. This year I started writing one each day on February 1, and will keep going until February 14. I found the foam hearts in packages for $1 in the Target Dollar Spot this year, so I didn’t bother with cutting my own.

I figured I’d share sooner rather than later. You could always start on February 7th and do the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, or just have a “heart attack” on February 14th.

Outside of this, I have a stash of sweet treats and ideas of cute things to make in the coming days.

Happy February!

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