Traveling to Tahoe

It’s winter break here in Georgia and we are traveling out West to ski with the W family! It was one of those loooong travel days where the alarm was blaring at 5AM. After a layover in Dallas, we finally made it to Sacramento!

From here we picked up our rental cars and were on the road to Lake Tahoe. About an hour in, the weather was so wild that we sat on the highway without moving for another hour. At this point it was dark and the snow was coming down like crazy. We made the hard decision to turn around and head back towards Sacramento for the night. But, it sure was beautiful!

We had some real trouble finding two hotel rooms for the night – the first three we tried to book were full. We ended up at a Marriott Courtyard in Rancho Cordova and then headed out to find food. And, while we didn’t make it to Tahoe today, we did find a rose gold glitter heart shape table (and some delicious teriyaki and sushi) at a place called “I Love Teriyaki”. So… that’s something. :-)

I think we read yesterday that Tahoe has received 163″ of snowfall this month alone. Crazy!! We all have our fingers crossed for better travel conditions tomorrow. Stay tuned….

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One thought on “Traveling to Tahoe

  1. Welcome to California! Our weather this year is crazy! Have fun in Tahoe. It is beautiful and the skiing is fantastic!

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