Wanderlust {Lake Tahoe}

Happy February! We are preparing for a ski trip out West with dear friends and couldn’t be more excited!!! We are staying in South Lake Tahoe and I am sure some of you out there know the area well. I always love hearing your ideas when planning our trips.

We will, of course, spend the majority of our time skiing. But are now trying to fill in meals and any other must-do activities.

  • Where should we eat?
  • What are your best tips?
  • Is there a good spa?
  • Are there any activities outside of skiing we should consider?

As y’all know, we love adventure, history, and a good meal!  Thank you for ALWAYS sharing the best ideas for our travels!


12 thoughts on “Wanderlust {Lake Tahoe}

  1. Elements Day Spa. It’s in a motel and looks a little sketch but it’s one of the best facials and massages I’ve ever gotten!

  2. You must eat at the Forest Buffet, located on the top floor of Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. It offers breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe and the food is amazing.

  3. Edgewood at Lake Tahoe Resort is great for adults dinner and drinks out! We went in summer so can’t help with ant outside activities. It’s gorgeous!!!

  4. Thank you soooo much for this! We are also planning adventures to Tahoe and an Alaskan cruise (although separately since we’re on the west coast.) I have been thinking of asking you for recommendations, Amanda. I’m more a spa gal so I will be in touch with you as I learn more about Tahoe. Thank you also, Dixie Delights gals for your ideas.

  5. Lake Tahoe is the most beautiful place I’ve seen in the US. It is what I imagine the mountains in Europe look like. We were at a conference in Reno and went over for two day trips so I can’t help with hotels but I can recommend two things.

    1. The boat tour (I’m not sure it runs in winter). It was beautiful and so informative while the guides talks all about the lake and some points of interest around it.

    2. If the roads are clear, drive around the lake. It was amazing and some of the most lovely scenery.

    Have fun!

  6. A friend just went and posted gorgeous pictures of their snowshoe adventure in the Mount Rose Wilderness, they hired a guide. The guide had birdseed and the birds were eating out of their hands. A day my friend said she will remember forever.

    Personally I have never been, but will live vicariously through yours and others adventures there.

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