Easter Candy Jars

Spring weather and the late Easter have me adding more decor than ever this year! I use these jars from Target all the time, for all sorts of things.

For a cute Easter display, I filled the first with Robin’s Egg candy. First, I put a clear glass inside so that I didn’t need 47,000 bags of candy to make it look nice.

For the second, I used an inexpensive chocolate bunny and Easter grass.

And, finally, for the third I took rows of peeps and pieced them together around the outside of the jar. I filled the middle with Easter grass.

While the kids (of all ages) have done some real damage on the Robin’s Eggs, the other two jars are really more for decor than eating. I don’t expect the Peep’s will taste good now that they’ve been in the jar for 2 weeks.

I also have my darling Natalie Chang Happy Easter napkins out on display. Seasonal napkins are always a cute, practical and inexpensive way to make things festive for the holidays.

Hoppy Easter, y’all!

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8 thoughts on “Easter Candy Jars

  1. So cute! I remember as a child taking the robins eggs candy and licking them to “paint” my lips for lipstick. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so cute, Amanda! You’re right about having to use “47,00” pieces! 😂 What a great idea to add the glass.
    Beginning today, I’ll be wearing my adorable bunny bracelet that your mother made a few years ago. 🐰🌷🐰
    Have a lovely weekend!
    P.S. Peeps are actually better stale (not that I would know!)😉😘

    1. That is a GOOD question. haha. All I currently have are passport covers since they just got them. Probably xbox gift cards, lottery tickets and candy.

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