Ski Clothes Sale

Y’all know that I am NO expert on skiing or winter sports, but I got a lot of questions the last few years about where I got our ski clothes. The answer is Lands End and, while I answered those as they came in, NOW is the time to buy for next year!

For both boys and myself, our base layers, hats, gloves, fleece, neck wraps, pants and jackets, ALL came from Lands End. Specifically, the kids sizes. These worked perfectly for us in both Vermont and Tahoe – keeping everyone warm and dry. (Honey picked up his gear at Costco.)

I hopped on their site today to hunt down a jacket for Whit for Alaska and was thrilled to find the winter gear on sale, an additional 20% off and with free shipping on $75+. I got them both new pants (boys squall iron knee winter snow pants) and jackets (boys squall waterproof winter parks) in a size up. Pants came to around $20 each and jackets just over $31. Sizes were very limited in the little kid range, but mine are in the very largest kid sizes and were in stock. (Unfortunately, the boys wear the same size tops and Whit cannot wear John’s hand me down bottoms… that would be too easy.)

Now also seems to be the time to book ski lodging for next year. They are putting on the full court press to go again (we had originally said every other year) so we are looking at a shorter spring break trip, which is half the price of February break. If you need help booking a resort, send me an email!

Happy shopping!

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11 thoughts on “Ski Clothes Sale

  1. I agree with you on the Lands End stuff. My boys wear their ski pants and we love them! Looking forward to seeing where you ski this year. We will be in VT as always but one of these days I would love to take my guys out west!

    1. We planned to go every other year but they all want to go next year. We are looking at April and a shorter trip. It’s so much less than February!

  2. Thank you for sharing this sale. We are planning on scheduling a Alaskan cruise through you after your return. I’m looking forward to seeing your post for ideas.

      1. Thank you. I remember you previously mentioning that since your entire family was going that there would be different interests and activities, depending on ages.
        It sounds like so much fun and a time for making great family memories.

  3. Hi Amanda. I’m not sure if you have asked for suggestions for your trip to Alaska but I thought I would offer up my daughter (military spouse who had the pleasure of living in Anchorage for 3 years) to give you some recommendations for restaurants and things to do. However if you already have all that info, please forgive the intrusion. Enjoy your trip. It’s absolutely beautiful there.


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